A Look Back at the Air Jordan Alpha 1

Before there was Protro, there was Alpha.

Long before Nike and Kobe Bryant decided to ‘Protro’ its back catalogue of performance greats, Jordan Brand tried “updating” its classics with a very short lived “.0” and Alpha series of sneakers.

We’ve even tested and reviewed shoes like the Air Jordan 8.0 years back. If you’ve been with us this entire time, then I thank you!

My favorite of the updated classics was the Air Jordan Alpha 1. While I don’t like the excessive perforations and the plastic-like upper, the addition of a Phylon midsole, full-length Zoom Air, herringbone and a plush/padded ankle collar are all updates that are very much appreciated. It brings a shoe born in 1985 into the future — and this was 10 years ago. Why we haven’t seen something like this since is kind of mind boggling.

We hope you enjoy taking a look back at the Air Jordan Alpha 1 and we hope you join in on the topic below in the comment section. Would you like to see this concept revisited? Sound off below and let us know.


  1. protro, alpha, .0 – it’s like they all have these ideas on how to bring the past into the present, yet having them all in 1 shoe would look ridiculous. not to mention the wide audience that they have to please (if there that’s something that they consider). hence the different “updates” to a certain shoe.

  2. These bad boys were GREAT performers. They were comfortable, durable as hell, and had great traction. Bought two pairs, and NikeID’d a third to look like the Black Toes. Ah, those were the days.

  3. I would be down for protros of the dunks and air force 1s as well. Honestly, the only thing all those old shoes are missing is cushioning. They had great traction and were durable as hell. Id take a leather upper over anything else anyday.

    Imagine a react dunk and a full length zoom af1. Well, maybe make the af1 a little more flexible in the sole so it isnt as brick-like.

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