A First Look at the Nike Zoom GP Retro for 2019

Gary Payton’s Nike Zoom GP is ready to make its first Retro return in 2019.

Original Nike Zoom GP

The 2019 edition of the Nike Zoom GP looks a bit different than I remember.

Leather doesn’t look to be anywhere near as nice nor does the finish on the leather look right as it looks a bit too glossy. However, that doesn’t lower my excitement for the upcoming Retro.

While MJ, Penny and Pippen all had great signature lines, Payton’s signature shoe line is often overlooked. I can only hope that the original tech specs return on this Retro, however unlikely. Hopefully, we at least receive heel and forefoot Zoom Air — even if they’re not quite like the OG.

Original Tech Specs via @Duke4005

If you’re excited for the Nike Zoom GP Retro, then mark your calendars for April 20 and stay tuned for updates on a retail price.

via US11


  1. Nice, Ive always wanted these. Ill only get it if it has forefoot and heel zoom, tho. I aint messing with a downgraded tech retro.

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