A First Look at the Nike LeBron 16 Low

A first look at the Nike LeBron 16 Low has arrived.

Not since the Nike LeBron 8 and 14 Low have we had the exact tooling/cushioning setup used in a LeBron Low top model — and I couldn’t be happier.

Utilizing the aggressive outsole found on the original Nike LeBron 16 along with the full-length Articulated Max Zoom Air cushioning, the LeBron 16 Low should be just as fun to play in as its slightly higher cut counterpart.

I’m a bit surprised that there is a low top this year as the LeBron 16 isn’t really a mid or high, but you won’t hear me complain. There looks to be an internal compression bootie with a textile and Fuse outer shell. I’m not a huge fan of the heel portion aesthetically, but at least the material looks great.

Performance between the original and low should be nearly identical. The upper is the one aspect that may change the way they fit, but I hope to see if that’s true whenever they release.

There is no release date as of now, but these official images point to a release sooner than later, perhaps right around Spring or early Summer.

Share your thoughts on the Nike LeBron 16 Low below and stay tuned for updates as they arrive.

via US11


  1. Instead of calling these lows, Nike should advertise them for what they really are, call them lebron 16 mesh.

  2. I like that they have the same tooling, but look much more bland than the original. Why? Cuz theyll sit, and one of the comfiest cushions out there will hit the sales racks with a vengeance. I might just get me a couple of these.

  3. I’m feeling these. I liked the 15 lows better than the 15s and these seem to “trim the fat off” of the 16s. No the upper isn’t the same but that doesn’t mean that it wont be a good, comfy, supportive upper.

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