A First Look at the Nike KD 12

The Nike KD 12 has leaked online and this is our first look.

The internet wins again as the upcoming Nike KD 12 has leaked online.

The shoe looks to be comprised of a textile while the midsole seems as if it’s wrapped in clear TPU. We’ve been told that the shoe will not feature React but they will feature full-length Zoom, like the KD11. If this is true, then we’re unsure as to why the TPU wrap is in place as it may add unnecessary weight and structure to the shoe.

There is a section that points out Quad Axial Flywire while describing its purpose as being for multi-directional dynamic containment. It’ll be interesting to see what that looks like in-hand and how it feels on-foot.

Additionally, it looks as if Nike has altered its sizing structure for this release as you can see from the image below that a size 5, which tends to be a GradeSchool/Kids size, will be considered a Men’s size with the full $150 retail price. This also means that there likely won’t be any tech changes between these smaller “men’s” sizes and the actual men’s sizes.

The Nike KD12 is expected to release on April 6 with its retail to remain at $150.

Images via @ehawker23/ @sneaker_speculation


  1. Without that KD logo in the heel, I thought this was the Kyrie 6 at first glance. Nonetheless, can’t say much about the shoes until the actual release. Talk about full length zoom.. I hope that caging doesn’t impact the plushiness of the zoom. Btw, never did I regret subscribing to your newsletter. Much loves from a country called Malaysia. Cheers!

    1. Sorta, although the base material is likely not the same.

      I think the gripe with this marketing is that they literally could’ve implemented this years ago. They just went unidirectional originally for aesthetic. They technically could’ve woven Flywire within Flyknit. This could be a cool shoe, though.

  2. When are we getting that Jordan Supreme Elevation full performance review @NightWing2303 ? We ready

  3. Wow, they are really trying to get people hyped on that flywire, even printing a description on the shoe. I dont think anyone ever bought a shoe specifically because of flywire. On most shoes it looked cheap and did little for performance.

    That rubber wrap looks really weird. I guess its for containment like the crazy explosive. Not sure why youd wanna contain phylon though. If it wrapped all the way it would be good for walking in the rain, at least.

  4. Seems like a mashup of the hyperrev and a kobe or bb adapt. Not digging that ankle shape. would much prefer a lower cut. From a tech standpoint I would be excited for full length zoom, wider forefoot, better containment, and better support. Hoping Nike delivers. I really liked the react and zoom in the 11s, so losing react is disappointing. Using cushlon could be okay. Bring on more pics and detailed tech specs…

  5. It’s a size 5.. so hopefully they keep the silo the same for adult. I dislike the last couple of KD because of the cut of the sole. Same as the last Lebron’s. The upper looks dope but the bottom meh for off-court wear.

  6. I don’t mind the smaller sizes having full tech as it gives more full tech options for women. My wife hoops and most of the women in her league are hooping in grade school shoes with minimal tech, which kinda sucks. As long as they don’t do this across all models so that some grade school sizes stay more affordable for the kids, i’m down.

  7. Could pass for kyrie 6 as someone above mentioned. Only thing that would make these cool would be some Adapt lacing but that aint happening with that 150 tag yet. The design is ridiculous so it better perform GOOOOD or these will flop

  8. I always want to like the KD line but they never fit me well. Always to long and to narrow. I like the look s usually but they just don’t fit me right. Can’t even go down half a size without feeling as if my foot’s being strangled

  9. It could be better if the price is reduced to 140$ as I think it is a downgrade from the last one. Although, the fit was terribly bad.

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