A First Look at the Nike KD 11, Kevin Durant’s Latest Sneaker

Nike Senior Director of Global Communications Heidi Burgett has teased a first look at the upcoming Nike KD 11.

If the Golden State Warriors end up making it past the Houston Rockets and into another Finals series then we can likely expect Kevin Durant to debut his eleventh signature sneaker on the big stage.

kd 11 technology

The KD 11 features another Flyknit build, similar to the previous three models — the KD 9, KD 9 Elite, and KD 10 — and the shoe appears to take its upper design elements from a Kobe model. With this build, the shoe should bring the fit closer to the foot for a better overall experience.

The KD 11 brings significant upgrades in cushioning; Nike’s React cushioning makes up the midsole while a thin rubber cupsole is wrapped around it to help with stability. This setup has been working well for the Nike Kobe NXT 360 so we hope it works in the KD 11. If the React ends up being a bit too firm, a full-length Zoom Air unit has been placed on top of it.

Aesthetically, the looks alright — it isn’t anything crazy or outlandish, and it fits right in with the rest of today’s knitted performance shoes. Tech wise, these are something I must try. Full-length Zoom Air and React? Sign me up.

Stay tuned for an official unveil of the Nike KD 11 very soon. There is also no official word as to what the new shoe will cost or when it will debut.

In the meantime, share your thoughts on Kevin Durant’s latest signature sneaker below in the comment section. Keep it locked to WearTesters.com for updates and a few performance reviews.

nike kd 11

nike kd 11

nike kd 11 kevin durant


Images via @heidiburgett


  1. Very intrigued by the cushioning setup. Also looks like Nike addressed two of the major issues I had with the 10s – they added outriggers for better lateral stability and reinforcement for better lateral containment. Really interested to see how these shoes perform. Aesthetically these are not impressive. Looks like a takedown model…

  2. I am just commenting this setup before on this page and never thought it will turn to reality.

  3. Looks very similar to a certain adidas sneaker… Interested to see how React and full-length Zoom Air will React with one another..

  4. Zoom AND React?!?!!? Hurry up and release!!!!!!!
    I really hope they fit decently. I stopped hooping in the 9’s cuz of the seam and I couldn’t get very good lockdown with the 10 with that lacing system. That heel cup looks like it’ll hold your foot in better. I’ve noticed KD always comes out of his shoe!

  5. Pics of the outsole are up on NikeTalk already.

    Don’t look bad, but don’t look that awesome, either.
    I’m just gonna wait for the solid outsoles as a rule of thumb.

    These definitely look like a hit though.

  6. bruh this cushion is hopefully gonna be amazing…the laces look a little lacking in lockdown, looks like flywire only, so we’ll see how that goes. Wonder how much they’ll be too.

  7. They don’t look that bad and at least they are different from the last two models because they looked the same as each other

  8. This looks like a fantastic off court shoe. For on court, this shoe is severely lacking support in a few key areas, of which is not surprising in today’s performance footwear culture. Nightwing’s review of the Kobe 1 comes to mind, in regards to how a serious hoops shoe should be built. All I really needed to see was that Zoom Air and Lunar are mixed, to know that these are an injury waiting to happen.

    1. First off, it’s Zoom and React, not Lunar. Second, the build is similar to the Kobe 10, being encased, and I haven’t heard of anyone getting injured by those.

      1. Typo, thanks for the heads up. Also, the reason you haven’t heard of someone other than Kobe getting hurt in the Kobe 10, is because there are many who were too smart to wear them. We like real shoes. You’re welcome.

        1. My friends and I have played with the kobe 10’s, we all got the blue colorway because we initially thought it was kobe’s last model in which he would play in. Its decent but after playing in it for what, 2-3 hours straight, my knees were hurting. The younger guys in their 20’s felt nothing but for older guys (late 30’s), terrible. My knees and lower back were killing me the next day.

  9. Anyone else think that it looks a little high off the ground? Or is it just the roundedness in the front outsole?

  10. Oh, hello there… They missed me with the 10s, especially since I saw KD step out of them plenty of times in game. Forget the aesthetics, gimme a shoe that I can them buckets in. This dog just might hunt!

  11. They look like a really good combination of the Nike KD X and the Under Armour HOVR Phantom. I was surprised with the caged React technology but integrating it with Nike Zoom is gonna be something to look forward too.

  12. the fact that the zoom is now encased rather than exposed solves the BIGGEST problem of the kd 9 and 10 for me, which is the zoom popping….so i am definitely curious about these

  13. I’m assuming they’re going to take heavily from the LeBron 15 upper. That worked very properly from accessibility to wear.

    Sounds like a cool shoe overall but I’m expecting it to fit long because it’s made for KD foremost.

  14. I dig them, the cushioning does seem interesting but the overall design to me is refreshing.

  15. Finally a KD shoe that doesn’t look super narrow! That cushion setup sounds amazing 🙌😍

  16. I miss tongues and I’m sick of KD’s with laces that don’t do anything. Once the shoe loosens up from being worn, it doesn’t fit your foot the same and you can’t tighten the laces to improve your fit…making the shoe worthless for anything but shooting around. Hopefully that’s addressed here. From looking at it,
    it doesn’t appear that it will.

  17. This is what React on the basketball line should have been from the start. Hopefully it actually performs, but its good to see Nike getting rid of the phylon carrier in favor of a rubber to help contain it. Full length Zoom is the cherry on top.

    Aesthetically they look alright. I’d imagine they are still going to be tough to put on with no tongue and how narrow they’ll probably be.

  18. In the sole pic of the black/grey color way it looks like there is a large zoom unit outline in the forefoot. Is it official that it’s full length or just speculation? Not too important just nitpicking. I am interested in the performance but I don’t think they look great. Hopefully the midsole is still flexible through the rubber coating. What is that plastic or metal pin thing on the heel?

  19. As awesome as these sound/look I wouldn’t want to suddenly switch to a brand new shoe right when winning and playing well matters the most. He’s been playing in the 10 all year long. He knows what to expect. He knows how they play. He knows their pros and cons and doesn’t have to take the time to figure them out. But…. in the end of the day money talks. Speaking of money… I’m worried how much these will be. I’m saying $170 minimum.

  20. KD shoes have been very good for a while now, glad they kept the full length zoom. Little tired of the one piece, sock upper – but for performance it’s fine.

    Will buy a pair.

  21. I would keep any judgement for now. considering how underwhelming the Hyperdunks and SuperFlys were, if they follow that blueprint, they might just end up like zoom air + phylon setup, which means no different. anyway, hated the KD line.

  22. If traction holds up & better colorways come our way, it’s almost an instant cop based on tech alone! Is it me or does the rubber React tooling look like a combo of both previous React shoes: Hyperdunk & Superfly?

  23. I am sure that KD11 is technologically advanced especially with the combination of Zoom and React. Aesthetically though i have mixed feelings about these, it might be due to this colourway. Overall it looks like an Elite version of the Harden 2s.

  24. Am I the only one who thinks this shoe looks extremely un-supportive?
    But then, the little button on the side might change all that 😀

  25. These could potentially be beastly performers, but of course we’ll have to wait for reviews to see if they do it right. I’ve always thought boost with top-loaded zoom could be the perfect cushioning setup, and these come close to that.

    I just hope it fits my slightly wide foot because KDs are usually pretty narrow. They do look wider than the past few years, but only a try on would confirm that.

  26. I hate KD but I might actually get these. They look like they’re going to be great on the court.

  27. Sounds great, but to me it looks like a basketball version of the UA Fat Tire. Hate the look of the TPU overlays. Should have used nubuck or something more premium.

    I’m surprised KD would opt for something (that appears) so high off the ground.

  28. These look like they’re gonna be tippy as hell, like the Lebron 15s. I don’t get why Nike does this. Anywho, the cushioning setup is a must-try!

    1. My sentiments exactly. Another try before you buy. Which is hard for me because I wear a size 14.

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