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A First Look at the BrandBlack Future Legend

BrandBlack has plenty of product they’re preparing to launch. Eevn with everything they’ve been doing, they’re not quite done yet.

This is the BrandBlack Future Legend, a brand new hoop shoe that looks to blend high end fashion with performance. Hopefully, the tongue cover is removable because the rest of the shoe looks very promising. A knit material can be found at the forefoot and side panels while Fuse welds make up the support and structure. Tech specs haven’t been announced so whether BrandBlack used Jetlon or BlackFoam is currently unknown. However, our favorite portion is the traction. Not only is the outsole blue, but the pattern looks amazing.

Enjoy your first look at the upcoming BrandBlack Future Legend and stay tuned for updates as they come. A First Look at the BrandBlack Future Legend 1

A First Look at the BrandBlack Future Legend 4 A First Look at the BrandBlack Future Legend 5


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  1. The traction looks GOOD, but that tongue cover makes no sense. A side view would help along with the price and online availability.

  2. The upward tongue attachment looks like a bit of a tryhard attempt to standout. I’m sorry to say that, because I do like this brand in general. It just doesn’t make any sense to me — at least right now. I’m even wondering if that’s how it’s actually intended to be placed.

    I could imagine it looks way better without the attachment, and the use of knit is pretty cool.

  3. BB is killing it along with Adidas who has stepped their game up. I got rid of so many shoes to get some extra money, make space, and stop hearing the wife complain but BB & Adidas shoes are slowly starting to make their way into my closet. LOL! The collection is not as much as it was before but these companies are gonna get me in trouble. Hahahahaha!!!

    1. How did you get rid of your old shoes? Did you sell them, or give them away to people? I’m starting to get a few too many shoes now, and I don’t know what to do with the ones that I don’t wear at all.

      1. Specifically, sometimes I get a shoe, wear it a few times and find out that I don’t like it at all, or it’s not for me and then it just ends up sitting there. It’s those shoes that I don’t know what to do with.

        What do you guys do in those situations. I wouldn’t mind getting people’s opinion on here.

        1. What’s up Ice? I usually end up selling the ones that are in good condition (which is nearly all of them) on eBay. People are always surprised at the condition since I really don’t beat my shoes up and there are quite a few that I’ll wear like once or twice and then they just sit in my closet. So I definitely sell those to get back something for them and it usually works out pretty well with all things being considered. I actually have some listed now and need to finish taking pics and posting the others. I hope that helps.

          1. Hi Trezz, Not up to much man, just chilling during the nice little extended All-Star break the NBA is having this year. I think it could be a good thing for the players to rest up. I also think it’s good for trades as it allows teams more time to sit down and talk to other teams. Work, I won’t mention as I’m not a fan of my job ;).

            Any chance I could have a look at one of your Ebay pages just to see how you’ve got it set up? I’ve never sold anything on Ebay, but I guess that might be the place to do it. I’ve got some shoes in particular (TP9 Team Lightnings) that are too small for me, so that is two pairs of shoes I’d like to try and get something for. One pair has never been worn and the second pair I’ve only worn once to try them on. They’re way to tight up front and hurt my toes just wearing them, so I never even tried playing in them. I really should look at selling them and other shoes that I’ve only worn once or twice. If you can’t post a link here, maybe some other info so I can find your listing.

          2. Hey man. I tried to post a link but it needs moderation. Try searching on ebay “way of wade all city low” and mine is the first one that shows up for me. That’s pretty much how I set them up.

          3. I tried searching Ebay, but it doesn’t show up for me at all. Maybe it gives different results to yours since I’m based in Australia. The search engine might show different results based on where you’re located? Either way, I don’t see your listing.

  4. That tongue guard looks like one day someone walked into the BB offices and wondered “what if we take the shroud from the JC3 and flip it up?”

    1. The tongue is in the front and it’s removable. It’s nothing like the UA Charged BB. I have a pair of UA Charged BB and these are nothing like them.

  5. I’ll be blunt… these are pretty hideous looking. Maybe if they have a different colorway and a normal sized tongue, I would change my opinion.

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