A Detailed Look at the Air Jordan 1 High OG Black/White-Red for 2019

The Air Jordan 1 High OG returns in ‘Black/White-Red’ for 2019.

While this colorway just released in late 2018 as an NRG release dubbed ‘Not for Resale’, the 2019 version of the shoe sports a few differences.

The most obvious difference is the lack of writing all over the shoe. The first version sported a very clear “Not for Resale” message, which ironically now resells for near the $1000 mark. Instead, a red Swoosh logo is featured on this version versus a black Swoosh on the 2018 edition. Lastly, the outsole here is black while the NRG version was red.

While it is strange that a colorway so close to the one released in December 2018 is already seeing another release, it will at least give genuine fans of the colorway another chance to purchase them if they happened to have missed out on the first release.

If you were interested in grabbing a pair, they’ll release on June 29 for $160.

Images via Stanley Tse


  1. Unpopular opinion here: I think these are better looking than that “Not For Resale”. I know they look almost identical, but that red swoosh and black outsole make this shoe a better color blocking IMO. Also, there’s no gimmick here. No reason for store owner to force people to wear their shoes before leaving the store, which to me, was kinda dumb. And it’s funny that a shoe that was supposed to push this message about not reselling is going for $500-$800 on StockX.

  2. They are clean but I wish there was more red maybe some red laces will do the trick.

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