A Detailed Look and Review of the Nike Huarache EDGE

Nike just released its latest Huarache dubbed the Huarache EDGE and we’ve got all the details within our review.

E.D.G.E. stands for Everyday Design Got an Evolution (thank you to the Nike employee that sent that information in).

The shoe itself was created specifically to give the market sneakers that had the same feel as a higher tier model/collaboration without the price tag. Thus we have the Huarache E.D.G.E. retailing at $110.

While there is no Air cushioning in the model, they’re moderately comfortable. Directly comparing the feel to the original Huarache — the original is still one of the most comfortable Nike’s there is. So these fall short in that regard. However, they look great and give consumers a trendy model at an affordable price.

If you were interested in grabbing a pair yourself you can find them online at Nike.com.

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