Stripe Talk is Back Tonight with Season 2

For those that need a little more adidas in their lives, one of the Internet’s latest sneaker-based podcasts, Stripe Talk, is back tonight.

Hosted by Rey Jefferson and Jonathan McQueen, Stripe Talk has welcomed a number of interesting guests including Randy The Cobbler, Malcolm Garret, Patrick Allgood, OhItsTeddy aka BoostGod, and WearTesters captain Nightwing2303 (for that click here).

Tonight, Season 2 jumps off, so stay tuned to the Stripe Talk socials and for more information. Will you be tuning in? Let us know.

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  1. LOL! Did not know this existed. They need to have Sec Human aka Coach Hubie aka MEDE aka The NikeTalk Terrorist on there dishing some anti Nike dirt, and I have plenty…lololololol… Sonny Vacarro has been “airing” them out lately though!

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