The 2018 Nike Hyperdunk X Finally Has a Release Date

The next shoe in Nike’s Hyperdunk series, the Hyperdunk X, will celebrate ten years of the line — and a release date has finally surfaced.

According to overseas leaker US11, the Nike Hyperdunk X TB could arrive as soon as July 1. While there is no word yet on price — or on whether there will be a fully Flyknit variant — the next Hyperdunk has leaked in nearly every team colorway you could imagine.

Based on early leaks fans of the line can expect heel and forefoot Zoom Air units with a cored-out midsole that should save weight. Both the high and low builds appear to use half bootie setups and fuse reinforcements at the toes.

Last year’s React Hyperdunk 2017 was unveiled in late-June so expect official news soon (before the next NBA season).  Of course, we’ll be sure to update you when we know more.

For now, let us know what you think of the Nike Hyperdunk X in the comments below.

Nike hyperdunk x release date 1


Nike hyperdunk x TB release date 1


Nike hyperdunk x release date 2


nike hyperdunk X


nike hyperdunk X top


Nike hyperdunk x TB 2


Nike hyperdunk x TB release date


Nike hyperdunk x release date


Nike hyperdunk x TB 1


Nike hyperdunk x TB


Nike hyperdunk x TB


Images via US11 / Eastbay


  1. I don’t feel this Hyperdunk. Seems a take down from last year’s model. It feels like a budget shoe and no thrills at all. It’s the shoe’s 10th yr for being the flagship shoe of Nike so I expect something that will wow the consumers.

  2. budget shoe? probably, like in the level of the Kyries and PGs. it does appear to be a downgrade from the HD2017 “aesthetically”, but does sound like an improvement in the cushion department. I personally like the materials like some mesh/knit hybrid with neoprene and a bit of synthetic leather in the heel. it does seem to have that Jordan 11 vibe to it (without the patent leather). if these are selling for $120 less, I’d say the WestBrook 0.1 lows might have a competitor.

  3. I’m down if it can replicate the feel of the HD 16 and be easier to put on and take off.

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