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1988: The Air Jordan 3 and Pop Culture | Nightwing Knows

It’s 1988, and the Air Jordan 3 saved the Jordan signature line from leaving the Swoosh and signing with the three stripes, their greatest competitor at the time.

Once again, WearTesters and Finish Line have teamed up to celebrate the introduction of the Air Jordan XXX (30) in a fun and unique way.

Instead of solely reflecting on the shoes that dropped over the past 30 years, we decided to look back at a number of things that happened during each year the Air Jordan reigned. With the sneakerhead getting younger and younger as each year passes, it’s important that they know and understand what the culture was like back in each shoe’s respective year. We’re hoping the series bridges the gap between the generations of sneaker lovers out there and allows everyone to enjoy sneakers in a fun and positive way.

Check out the very second — of 29 — videos below and if you were around in ’88, let us know what you remember from the year.

  1. Bro, you’ve nailed it with this series. Dang. I was born in 87 but still remember watching reruns of Alf and Growing Pains. Of course, I saw A Different World. This is straight up a walk down memory lane. Awesome.

    -Trezz aka Dmarr

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