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From young prodigy to West Virginia University’s latest PG, Jordan McCabe is a basketball phenomenon. Jordan sat down with us at the 2018 Ballislife All-American Game to talk about what he likes from his basketball shoes. This is WearTesters All Access.

Despite having incredible handles and court vision on the hardwood, Jordan McCabe is fairly overlooked at the PG position. We’re not sure what that will mean for his hoops career, but his work ethic speaks for itself.

While most one on one interviews with players discuss what the player could’ve done better, or what they expect out of themselves, we’re a little different because we just want to know athletes feel about their performance shoes. Some players couldn’t care less, they buy what they think looks cool and they go out and play, while other players are meticulous about their footwear and want something that will cater to their needs and style of play just right.

In this interview, Jordan McCabe discusses what he looks for in his hoop shoes, what his favorite shoes to play in of all-time are, and what was his worst experience in a shoe was.

It was great to sit down and speak with such an intelligent young hooper and we hope you enjoy the interview. Keep an eye on McCabe — we will be.


  1. I’ve had the chance to interview him as well and he’s a truly good kid, down to earth and comes across as very mature. Nice to see him relaxed and just being himself talking kicks with you, Nightwing. Hope he does great at WVU.

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