A Vibram Outsole is Coming to the Brandblack Tabi

With the Agenda Trade Show popping off in Vegas we always get a look at what Brandblack has coming. The brand has consistently brought new technologies to its products, and Vibram outsoles are the latest.

The Tabi, Brandblack’s first unisex shoe, utilizes what looks like a one-piece tubular knit water-resistant upper. Fit is taken care of with the sandal-like Velcro strap system, something that could be coming to the basketball line, according to the Brandblack founder. The entire shoe sits atop a Vibram outsole for comfort and durability.

brandblack tabi vibram 1

As part of the AMALGAM AW17 (Autumn/Winter) collection, the Brandblack Tabi executions we’ve seen remain tonal, neutral, and modern, which is in line with the rest of the collection. According to the @BrandblackAlterEgo page, which offers black and white behind-the-scenes looks at what the brand is doing, expect the first delivery of the AMALGAM collection on July 1.

Thoughts on this latest silhouette? It isn’t for ball but to me it’s a really cool concept. And with the peeks we’ve gotten at the AMALGAM AW17 lookbook, the fits look pretty interesting with different textures and materials.

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  1. This looks like something a ninja would wear. Come to think of it, that pretty much sums up everything BB has produced.

  2. I couldn’t pull these off but there’s a lot of people that these will be perfect for. Sometimes I think brandblack is testing waters more with fashion forward and edgy designs to see what sells and only producing limited quantities until the demand is there. That’s smart but I would hate to see it backfire by leaving them without sales to show for it. The future legend for example, not selling very well imo and it is mostly BC there is too much going on. If they would’ve went without a compression sock and just done a mid cut with a nice soft collar…oh man!!!

  3. Looks like there are going to be some dope lifestyle shoes from Brandblack. Very excited to take a look at all of them and buy some of them (because I’m not rich like that).

  4. Has anyone heard of ‘Teva Original Sandals’? these are literally the EXACT same thing with a sock built in… unoriginal. Not the innovation i’m used to from Brandblack

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