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Vans X Star Wars – Pick up & Review

The Vans X Star Wars collection released yesterday and here we have a detailed review of one of the many colorways in the Vans X Star Wars collection.

Vans always has great packaging with their collaborations and that is no different here, in this review you will see the packaging that comes with Vans X Star Wars collection. Shirts, hats, socks, and backpacks are also featured in the Vans X Star Wars collection and in the review you will get a close up look on the backpack that goes with the pair i picked up. Overall the Vans X Star Wars is an awesome collection and i highly recommend picking up a pair for yourself. Hope you enjoy the video and may the force be with you.

Pick up your pair from the Vans X Star Wars collection here.

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Grew up on an island, moved to the city, stayed fresh with sneakers on my feet. My Favorite kicks off court is the Jordan V "Black/Metallic", favorite kicks on court is the Adizero Rose 2.5. (Size 10.5)


  1. Donald was like, oh snap, dat guy with ma shoes tho

  2. I picked up the movie poster slip ons. Love them cuz it’s a different print from left shoe to right.

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