Here’s a Look at Tons of Upcoming Under Armour Curry Two (2) Colorways

Someone just posted a slew of upcoming Under Armour Curry Two colorways and I am going to have to resist the urge to buy them all. Under Armour has clearly embraced speckled midsoles so our wallets will all suffer.

Share which colorway you’re most looking forward to in the comments below. I will be buying the s**t out of the championship-looking colorway, the white with gold accents and gold flakes in the clear outsole. Red and gold together are absolutely killer to me (it has a dark blue inner liner with gold stars!) so that colorway is also a must have. The black and white colorway with red accents is equally dope. Just have my money now UA.

under armour curry two colorways 5 under armour curry two colorways 6 under armour curry two colorways 3 under armour curry two colorways 4 under armour curry two colorways 8 under armour curry two colorways 9 under armour curry two colorways 7 Under Armour Curry Two colorways  1 under armour curry two colorways 2

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  1. The “Suit and Tie”‘s are FIYAAAAAHH!! Damn I hope these perform well. Anyone know how the cushioning performs? (I currently ball in the XX9’s and Brandblack Force Vectors and love them both…super-comfy and responsive and my feet, knees, and back don’t hurt at all).

  2. i just copped the ‘away” colorway, but i would love to get the white yellow blue one as well, whatever they are called 🙂

  3. waiting for my iron sharpens iron; really like the Jordan 7 Cardinal inspired colorway with the gold accents.

    1. Ikr? I looked on UA website(usually first to sell out of Curry 1)to see what they had left of Curry 2 and they have a full sz run.

  4. These are all very nice, liking the dubb/home cw…the champs also look very nice, but i think I want the away

  5. So the models coming up include:
    1. Father To Son (Purple and Blue)
    2. The Floor General (Red One)
    3. The Professional (Black One)
    4. Long Shot (?)
    5. Providence Road (?)
    6. Suit & Tie (Black and White One)
    7. Northern Lights (?)
    8. The Storm/Rainmaker (Grey/Black/White)

    Anyone want to guess which ones the white/blue/yellow and light grey/red/gold ones are called?

  6. Looks like it may be The Storm…. Anyone know release date?? I’d love these for a Christmas gift for my son.

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