The BrandBlack August Just Dropped in Three Colorways

BrandBlack has been teasing everyone on its Instagram and Twitter with images of a new model that is dubbed the August. This BrandBlack August just dropped on BrandBlack’s site and is available now at the links below. Are you ready to get into the brand’s newest lifestyle model?

The BrandBlack August is a lifestyle model that features a one-piece circular-knit upper. The upper provides a soft material for comfort and an adequate amount of breathability. The shape of the shoe is very much for summer, as its name suggests, giving off a sportier look while still maintaining some level of casual-ness. The midsole is a dual-injected midsole with Jetlon foam for cushioning. Inside, you have a leather lined insole to complete the shoe with a premium touch.

Grab the BrandBlack August now in three colorways for $90 each at the links below. If you cop a pair, or pairs, let us know which you cop and if you’re looking forward to receiving them in the mail! As always stay tuned to for all your sneaker needs and performance news.

Brandblack August black


BB August Navy


BB August White


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