The 10 Best Basketball Sneakers of 2013 (So Far)

If you guys follow the site regularly then you pretty much know what shoes are on the Top Ten list; However, you don’t end up knowing my personal placement of each shoe until the end of the year.

Today, you can take a look at this list I created that feature The 10 Best Basketball Sneakers of 2013 (So Far). You can view the list now over at Sneaker Report and feel free to come back here afterward to discuss.




  1. I have been looking at the M9 placed at #2 on here for months. The 28s just have more of a better offering to me than the M9s. The fit, the traction, & the cushion just feels better. I’m here to tell those who haven’t got their head around the $250 MSRP that the 28s are the business! Just keep holding out for the colorway/design that really like. I don’t see them dropping in price anytime this year because they always sell out. Thank those that just rock them casually because they are the “New Jordans”.

    The Kobe 8s are high for a good reason. Going from playing in the Crazy Quicks to the Kobe 8s felt significantly better for me. Seeing them placed 3rd and 2nd respectively on Sneaker Report is surprising. Perhaps I’m biased for ample amount of cushion, but at least the Quicks really do shine in the traction department.

    It’s nice to see the 3.5s on Sneaker Reports’ list, although I have an idea why they are not listed here.

    1. This is my list featured on Sneaker Report… I wrote that this list differs from the Top Ten bc its my personal list. So, this is my top ten for the year so far.

      1. Thanks for the clarification. You know I always felt like you liked the 28s the most based on previous commentary and I couldn’t understand why they placed 3rd on Kicks On Court. You are just simply following the numbers, but it is cool to finally know your personal preference.

        Oh and the 3.5s are not on Kicks On Court because they are too similar to the Rose 3s? Also since that review was last year, that is essentially why they are not listed here on KoC for 2013 even though they were released in 2013 right?

        1. Exactly. I know the 3.5 is exactly the same as the 3 so there isnt really a need to review it but I wouldnt count it out of a list like this just bc of that. They still perform well which is what the list is about. The Top Ten list is ALL about numbers so the way theyre placed is strictly based on their overall scores.

      2. Hey Nightwing I have been reading your reviews and you seem on point. I have a question. I love the lebron III and love the bounce and support it gives me when I use them. What does the lebron iii have that others dont. I want a sneaker with the same features of the lebron iii. Do you recommend any lebrons thats are exactly similiar. I do not like the lebron xs as the air bubble and feeling is very different.

        1. Do you know any lebrons with the same exact features and technology used?
        2. Do you know where I can buy authentic lebron iiid besides ebay?
        3. What technology is used and that extra bounce in my step works well with me. Any other recommendations I do not like kobes, durants, hyper fuse or any of those because its too narrow for me.

  2. This is pretty accurate, i agree that the jordan XX8 is number 1 such an awesome shoe for me its a great design and really comfy

  3. great list, I wish I could try out the crazy quick but, dont think my shin splints could take it. I’ve been loving the kobe 8s though

    1. Thanks, if you wear them occasionally then you could build up tolerance to the minimal setup. Its not bad once your body adjusts to something more natural.

      1. I’m taking the month off, I think it’s the best time considering I have finals, then vacation. Seems like the best time to take off from playing and hopefully they’ll go away.

    1. What do you mean “Top 10 already, hmm?” Hmmm? Maybe you didnt notice but it says (So Far)

  4. I ‘ve been expecting Roses3/3.5 to be higher that Wade’s and Crazy Quicks. Also, I would like to see KD Vs on that list. But it’s not what I like, it’s about how they perform!
    Keep up with your great job!

      1. Good recovery because I know some people would be ready to light you up about that one lol.

        I have both the 3.5s and the Quicks and the feel & traction of the Quicks is better. I think a lot of people would be hard pressed to give an opinion on the D.Wade WoWs because of their lack of availability in the states.

        By the way does anyone have a link that sells the Li Ning Way of Wade for the $160USD price point?

        1. Dear Dime Slinger, you are very lucky to have both 3.5s and Quicks! I am jealous on that!
          There is no doubt that feel and traction are better on CQs. That comes from minimal cushioning and aggressive outsole pattern. And this is the reason adidas made the CQs.
          I wear the 2.5s and I find support to be durable and cushioning to be responsive and durable. About CQs, I am concern about the minimal cushion but that is just what I read! I wish I could give them a go!

  5. i was expecting to see KD 5s. i love the melos they are definitely a top 3 shoe. also liked the kobes but never expected to see it top 2. i guess then again its all based on personal needs.

    1. KD V would have been on the list for sure if they hadnt released in 2012. The Elite KD V I dont feel is worthy though, originals were much better. Yes, this is my personal list. Kobes are a beast on-court. They excel in every category.

  6. wait so is this personal or performance wise? because I thought you had the crazy quicks and the 28s over the kobes but had the kobes over both as a personal shoe

    1. Kobe 8 elite has zoom air cushioning, which from what i’ve heard isn’t as good as the lunarlon cushioning. being that this is a list for 2013, the original kobe 8 wouldn’t qualify because it was released last year

      1. The kobe 8 released just before January and I stated last yr that it would be moved to the 2013 list due to that fact. There was no time to test that shoe in 2012.

  7. Hey nightwing, love what you’re doing here.

    Which Adidas would you recommend for me, Rose 3.5 or Crazyquick?

    I’m 5’8 176lbs, play anywhere between 2-4, but never PG or C. I have a history of right knee problems if that matters. I play equally outdoors and indoor, and even more outdoor since summer is approaching.


  8. I have to agree with the Adidas Crazyquicks so up high! It is by far my favorite Adidas model to date!

  9. Hey Nightwing, I am deciding between the Drose 3.5s and the Crazyquicks. If I have bad knees, will having good cushioning like in the 3.5s reduce pain felt in my knees or will having minimal cushioning like in the Crazyquicks hurt my knees? Thanks Nightwing!

    1. Get the D Rose 3.5’s. If your knees hurt, the Crazy Quicks doesn’t have a lot of cushion in it so that wouldn’t be a good choice.

  10. He says a lot the Rose 3.0 is the same as Rose 3.5 that’s why it’s not on the list- I’m sure the Rose 4.0 would take the place of all Adidas or sprintframe based shoes due to the comfy and improved traction used on it.

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