Test Shoot: Brooks Ghost 9

There’s just something about the Brooks Ghost 9, or the Ghost series in general. They’re light, but not mayfly-delicate; they’re strong and substantial, but not lacking in frame; they’re cushioned, but not mushy; firm, but not rock-hard; insulated, but not hot; airy, but not an icebox.

Supportive, versatile, enduring…these are the reasons that the Ghost has had nine different incarnations, and its award-winning status as the Best Buy in the Runner’s World 2016 Fall Shoe Guide — and that’s holding up for 2017.

In this edition of Test Shoot, we look more intently at the aesthetics of the Brooks Ghost 9. It’s a very “techy” shoe, in the sense that you can see a lot of the mechanics that are so visibly evident in making the runner what is (that helps to call out what’s important). The multicolored outsole segmentations highlight the different grades of rubber; heat-treated, brightly-colored overlays on the upper put the spotlight on the support textiles and allow the more subdued gray engineered mesh fall into the background. Moreover, there’s the highly-textured white and blue midsole drawing attention to the DNA Foam — it’s all intentional.

You can shop the Brooks Ghost 9 at brooksrunning.com. A huge thank you is due to Brooks for its assistance in making this latest edition of Test Shoot happen.

Brooks Ghost 9 (1)


Photography by Sandy Dover. All rights reserved.

Exclusively for WearTesters.

Sandy Dover

Sandy Dover is a multimedia contributor for WearTesters. Specializing for WT in photography and special features composition for the Test Shoot series, Sandy has an extensive background in the footwear and apparel industries, as well as in the media. He is currently seated as managing partner of Hardwood & Hollywood and network partner with Complex Media and a former producer and writer for Yahoo, SLAM, ESPN, and Bleacher Report.


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