Test Shoot: The adidas ZNE Set

Zero Negative Energy. Those three words are the thesis of the collection you are here to see, the adidas ZNE Set, comprised of the ZNE Hoodie and the ZNE Pant (modeled by yours truly).

The set is a very interesting combination of comfort and fit. The materials are soft and are combinations themselves of cotton, viscose, and polyester, but tailored to the wider and narrower aspects of athletes, specifically in the shoulders, waist, backside, and legs. Separately, the ZNE Hoodie feels a bit like a suit itself — it’s very roomy, and yet, has space within it that surprises. The ZNE Pant can easily be sported with practically anything, but there’s something about wearing the pieces that together that give off a Storm Shadow effect (which is an added bonus for G.I. Joe fans of yesteryear). All that said, it’s an excellent set in which to lounge or wear with purpose either casually or en route to training.

You can shop the entire adidas ZNE Collection at adidas.com, and also the ZNE Hoodie here and the ZNE Pant here separately.

We extend a special thanks to adidas and to photographer Isaac McWhorter for his unique vision and details captured.

adidas ZNE Suit (1)

adidas ZNE Suit (2)

adidas ZNE Suit (8)

adidas ZNE Suit (5)

adidas ZNE Suit (11)

adidas ZNE Suit (19)

adidas ZNE Suit (21)

adidas ZNE Suit (25)

adidas ZNE Suit (27)

adidas ZNE Suit (28)


Photography by Isaac “iMac” McWhorter. Art direction and modeling by Sandy Dover.

All rights reserved.

Sandy Dover

Sandy Dover is a multimedia contributor for WearTesters. Specializing for WT in photography and special features composition for the Test Shoot series, Sandy has an extensive background in the footwear and apparel industries, as well as in the media. He is currently seated as managing partner of Hardwood & Hollywood and network partner with Complex Media and a former producer and writer for Yahoo, SLAM, ESPN, and Bleacher Report.


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