Stephen & Seth Curry Rock Under Armour Anatomix Spawn on Media Day

Golden State Warriors Stephen and Seth Curry are doing their media day thing in the Bay and they were both spotted rocking some GSW PE’s of the Anatomix Spawn by Under Armour.

One of the best performance models this year – from any brand – the Anatomix Spawn looks like it’ll be the go-to shoe for many of Under Armour’s athletes this season. You can even see Kent Bazemoore’s metallic silver pair with the shot featuring Steph’s kicks.

Take a look at the two brothers and feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Stephen & Seth Curry Rock Under Armour Anatomix Spawn on Media Day 1

Stephen & Seth Curry Rock Under Armour Anatomix Spawn on Media Day 2

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  1. Ok, even though I have not seen a performance review I ordered a pair of the UA Spawn today. Based on your PG, SG and SF lists along with the teasers and anything else I could find on your site I pulled the trigger. I like your reviews specifically as well as Kick Genius because basketball shoes are not cheap and I value the expierence and insight which has saved me a lot of money. Through your site NW, I have enjoyed ever pair of shoes I have purchased.

  2. nike and Curry was a bad match. they did nothing to help w/ his ankle sprains. if anything the hyperfuse caused him to roll his ankle more often. he should have much better luck w/ a company that values him. nike really didnt care

    1. Nike actually did everything they could. Brought him out to Nike HQ, tested everything about him including how he moves and plants his feet and then they gave him the ‘best’ shoe for what the readings showed. Curry never rehabbed properly in the first place which means his ankle was always weak. This is just a better situation for Curry since UA in still ‘new’ but that doesnt mean that Nike didnt try to help as they did on many occasions but they cant make Curry sit down and let his ankle properly heal… only he can do that.

  3. hey Nightwing? when i tried these on in stores they felt really stiff everywhere and not much step-in comfort. They reminded me a lot like the KDV’s in terms of fit, not the zoom and max air bag. what was ur impressions between the two? which of the two had more of a break-in time?

    1. The KD VI arent the best shoe IMO. One of Nike’s worst this yr and def a step back from the V. The Spawn’s Micro G is a little firmer and that is a good thing. If they would have made it too soft as they had in the Torch then there would be stability/ support issues. Step-in comfort would be very noticeable but you’d have a higher risk of rolling. This setup is much better all around – esp for Guards.

  4. Hey Nightwing,

    Do you know if the colorways in the picture above are going to be released, and if so, when exactly?

    Appreciate everything you do man. #Nightwingknows

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