Starbury Brand is Making a Comeback

We all remember the days when Stephon Marbury and the now defunct store of Steve & Barry’s collaborated on creating shoes for the affordable price of just $15. It was an instant hit with not just families with low to medium income, but it was also supported by certain other former basketball players (i.e Ben Wallace). Now, it looks like the Starbury brand is making a comeback.

Unfortunately, the brand faded when the company filed for Chapter 7. However, in recent sightings and posts, Stephon Marbury himself has stated he’s giving the brand new life while not only continuing his professional ongoing success overseas in China, but building a brand directly where the factories are located. He’s also given us a sneak peak on different colors and materials shown.

There doesn’t seem to be much headway for the Starbury brand so far, but Starbury has worked hard to bring back affordable footwear to families that can ill-afford high-priced shoes now-a-days. Stephon Marbury also claims his $15 sneakers are made from the same factories as Nike’s and Jordan’s. It’s difficult to back up these claims and we’ll take those comments with a grain of salt.

As a basketball player who has tried on the previous Starbury Line, the price was great, however the lack of tech and cushioning would make you turn the other cheek. Hopefully, if and when the shoes do come out, they’ll take those details into consideration. The message is insightful: make shoes affordable for all.

The Starbury brand shoes are slated to release Stateside with a hopeful time of late-May, as hinted by Marbury himself. The light up shoes are a little out of our taste buds but of course it could be for the kids. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

starbury brand

starbury brand

starbury brand 2

starbury brand 3

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  1. i’ve already seen shoes that lit up at the gym. might be a good idea on running shoes for runners who run at night?

  2. Yeesh. Not so sure about the material on the upper on those shoes, even if they’re for casual use. Will be interesting to see where they go with a performance [basketball] model, if they decide to bring one to the US. Had the two performance models when they were released. They weren’t terrible and I thought they had started to make improvements on the second release. Still had a long way to go though.

    Any word on whether or not these are in some sort of collaboration with 361 since they put out Marbury’s shoes in China?

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