Shock Doctor Court Insole Review

The Shock Doctor Court insole review is now available.

Hit the jump for the full review along with a list of Pros and Cons.

This insole is packed with a ton of little features that end up making a pretty big impact. The foam cushion is absorbent and the dense carrier provides some additional support and keeps the entire unit durable.

You will likely have to trim the insole a bit – I show you how I did it in the video – and then there is a slight adjustment period as the insole features supportive cushion at the toe, arch and heel. Mainly you will need to adjust to the arch itself but after a short time it began to mold to my foot shape which was pretty cool… gives you that custom feeling without the custom price.

I was able to use the insole in a variety of shoes and the only time it ever posed a problem was in the adidas TMAC 1 which is a lower cut silhouette. It’s a bit raise in the heel – not by much but enough to cause a problem with certain shoes – and I’d recommend either trying them out at home – before heading to the court – or just using the insole with a mid or higher cut sneaker.

Anti-Microbial top layer – reduces odor
Heel and midfoot shock pads – Absorbs the jarring shocks that could transfer to your knees, hips, and lower back. Mid-Foot ShockDome relaxes foot and can help relieve Plantar Fasciitis.
Lightweight Support Frame -Cradles your foot for superior support, disperses hard-court impacts and resists lateral torque.
Full length shock absorbing foam – Provides cushion and comfort
Contoured design – quickly shapes to your foot for superior comfort & support
Adaptive Arch – Flexes vertically and horizontally to adapt to any foot shape for the perfect fit, protection and natural shock absorption

Heel is raised slightly so may not work well with certain low cut sneakers

Overall – They start out stiff and rigid but given enough time – not too much at all really – then you will have a great insole to place in any shoe you purchase. This automatically adds cushion and support into any shoe and it does so at an affordable price. The best part… if you use them long enough – longer than I used mine – the foam will begin to mold to your foot shape completely, this is very useful for when you buy a new shoe that needs to be broken in as you will already have a broken in foot bed and that will significantly reduce your chances of having your feet blister.

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  1. Would you say this is an upgrade over the insoles that are in most shoes? Like better than the insoles that come in the M9s or KDVs? Also you probably can’t replace it in the new kobes right?

    1. Its more advanced but i dont know if i would say its an upgrade for everyone. Those who need what these insoles provide would consider them an upgrade.

  2. hey NW could you wear these in the XX8’s? because i have a pair and wanted to know how they would fit with the insoles. thanks

    1. Depends on the setup. Full length zoom, no. Targeted zoom, yes. It will not render the zoom useless though, itll still do its job but you wont feel it. Like bottom loaded zoom.

  3. I appreciate your review on this, Nightwing. Are you planning to review other insoles, such as those Sof Sole insoles they sell in Dick’s Sporting Goods? Just wondering how those would compare. Some of the guys I play with do buy these and replace the insoles that come with their kicks, and I am interested as I do still enjoy playing with my KD3, it’s just tough on my feet and the heels if I land on the back, and I am considering replacing them with one of these. Thanks!

  4. I put these inside the cp3.v’s . It was a lockdown nightmare, my heels were dancing all over the place X_X. They do cushion better than the default insoles though! I feel it less in my knees after a couple dozen jumps. Thanks for the review!

  5. Hi Nightwing2303, I’m thinking of getting the shock doctor insoles for the Melo M9, do I have to remove the original insole before putting the shock doctors on ?


  6. I’ve never owned a pair of insoles and wondering how do you insert them in the shoe? Do you take out the original insole or do you put the new insole (in this case the Shock Doctor court) on top of the OG insole? Also would I correlate the insole size with my shoe size?

    Reasons why I’m considering on purchasing new insoles and answers are much appreciated:
    -My pair of AZG LB V’s have dead space and need a tighter fit so I won’t leave the court every time with busted toes.
    -Nike Air Zoom GP II’s fit perfect but the insole isn’t very comfy.
    -AJ XII’s I’ve hooped outdoors to death and just need new insoles. Fit true to size.


  7. I just got my first pair of shoes with extra insoles a couple months ago the crazy light 2 and ever since I have been putting the thick insoles of every bball shoe I own

  8. Hi,

    Would you recommend these for the kb8’s system ?
    Nike is not selling insoles anymore and I don’t know how long the original lunarlon will last me so I was thinking of buying a spare insole.


  9. Hey Nightwing. I purchased these insoles a while back and I do think they are extremely comfortable. I use them in my trainers and switch them into my CP3VII as well. I want to use these in my Jordan XX8 SE, but what worries me is the hardness of the bottom piece. Do you think it would raise the chances of the Zoom Air bag popping? I don’t know whether I should be worried or just assume that if it does end up popping from this then it was defective and eventually would have happened regardless.

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