Reebok’s First Foray into Knit: The Zoku Runner Ultraknit

If you haven’t noticed, socks with midsoles/outsoles have become the trend in age of digital knitting technology. Reebok has finally presented its take on the latest fad in footwear: the Zoku Runner Ultraknit.

Reebok has sifted through its archives to pluck details from some of its most notable runners to inform the aesthetics of this modern sneaker. Three design elements have been combined on the Zoku Runner: the bold Vector from the 1979 Aztec, the window box branding from the 1983 Classic Leather, and the iconic heel cage of the 1991 Dual Pump Runner.

These details come together in a TPU cage that plays with translucency and prints. The cage is showcased on Reebok’s newest upper, a product of the brand’s Ultraknit digital knitting technology that reduces material waste and offers a lightweight, breathable, sock-like fit. Finally, the Zoku Runner sits atop an outsole made of DMXFoam.

reebok zoku runner ultraknit 0

According to Reebok, this latest sneaker pays homage to the Zoku’s Japanese translation — a suffix for sub-cultures, tribal movements; or to be continued, never-ending. Thus, the Zoku Runner is a direct descendant of the Reebok Classic and celebrates the crosscheck brandmark, created by Reebok’s founders in 1980. The crosscheck was inspired by a flock of birds and symbolizes momentum and movement; now, it carries the idea of continuous evolution.

reebok zoku runner ultraknit 8

The Reebok Zoku Runner Ultraknit will land in seven colorways in two builds — Ultraknit HTRD and Ultraknit IS. The IS builds flaunt tonal monochromatic aesthetics while the HTRD models offer truly knit looks.

March 2 is when you should hit for these because they will be available in both men’s and women’s sizing for $115.

Stay tuned to our socials towards the end of this week as we’ll have a more in-depth look at the silhouette. Let us know what you think about the latest Reebok Zoku Runner Ultraknit in the comments. I think the women’s exclusive HTRD build is a stunning multicolor-like look.

reebok zoku runner ultraknit 7

reebok zoku runner ultraknit 5

reebok zoku runner ultraknit 6

reebok zoku runner ultraknit 1

reebok zoku runner ultraknit 2

reebok zoku runner ultraknit 3

reebok zoku runner ultraknit 4

womens reebok zoku runner ultraknit HTRD flat grey

reebok zoku runner ultraknit HTRD lgh solid grey 1

reebok zoku runner ultraknit HTRD coal

reebok zoku runner ultraknit power red 1

reebok zoku runner ultraknit collegiate royal 1

reebok zoku runner ultraknit fire coral

reebok zoku runner ultraknit black alloy


Source: Reebok



  1. well….they look pretty nice, but what is the cushioning like? because the point of this ‘trend’ is marrying super comfortable materials with super comfortable foam cushion

    1. That’s a good point and I am over more companies following the trend like this. Be creative and original, there’s so many of these kind of shoes now you can’t tell what brand they are at first glance.

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