Reebok, Packer Shoes, and atmos for Doraemon Movie Release Overseas

The movie is an animated Japanese cartoon, and we’re not at even all surprised by it anymore. For those that didn’t grow up reading Japnese Manga (comic books), Doraemon was the famous blue robotic cat who is a protector of Nobita, a young boy who suffered from poor grades and bullying. Quite strange to see, however, the imagination runs far and wild when given the opportunity to think freely. This particular release coincides with the Doraemon Movie that is about to release overseas.

The silhouette utilized for this project is the Reebok InstaPump Fury; mimicking the character, it features the brush blue color fur hood. The shoe also features a bright yellow Pump with a bell graphic, a nod to the bell collar Doraemon wears.

There is also a Versa Pump Fury Doraemon for the little kids done up in similar styling. For some of you fans who grew up watching the anime, hopefully you have some contacts in Japan, because this seems like an Asia-only release. A shoe reserve starts on 3/1 located on the atmos Japan website. The movie, and the shoes, release on March 4. The footwear’s expected prices are $180 (¥20,000) for the Instapump and $50 (¥5,990) for the Versa Pump.

Do you think companies should try and integrate childhood movies and shows more into shoes? Has anybody ever watched or heard of Doraemon? Let us know.



Images via atmos / atmos


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