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Reebok Answer 1 DMX 10 – Detailed Look

Next week, May 24th, the Reebok Answer returns to retailers.

Here is a detailed look highlighting the shoes features which include genuine full grain leather… not bad for $150. These are available now for pre-order from a number of retailers including CitySole.com, PYS.com and PackerShoes.com so there is no reason why you or anyone else that wants a pair should miss out.

Hit the jump for more images and let me know if you will be copping or passing.







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  1. Real DMX-10?: Cop….multiple pairs…
    No DMX-10?: Might cop….when they’re on sale for 49.99 like they did with the last Answer I retro….if I even do cop

  2. Didn’t the pods used to be gold? Not Grey?

    • Yes your right, i had a pair of these from the 10 year aniversary! Just sold them right before these came out!

      • Should’ve held on to the 10 yr Anniversarys, these don’t even have dmx tech, it’s fake. And from the video review I saw, they look like A grade replicas at best. Not even AAA replicas.
        I’m so heart broken after watching the video review. Even dude sounded like he was going to cry but hey I feel him. I loved the OG of this shoe. Best balling shoe i ever played in besides the fact that they weighing a ton lol.

        I was super geekedon copping a pair but after that review, not a chance. Not at that price, no way

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