Have You Been Dreaming of Premium Leather Brandblack Rare Metals?

We all know Brandblack consistently serves some of the best materials in the game. With the New York Men’s Capsule Show in full effect (at Pier 94), Brandblack is making us drool.

Shot at the Capsule trade show, pictured below is a Brandblack Rare Metal done up in some serious leather. The leather looks thick and soft, and it has us wondering: will we be getting leather Rare Metals soon?

There is no official word yet, and this photo could just be a material study, but Brandblack has done a lot of great stuff with premium leather in the past (like the Vachetta Tan Force Vector, before any brand was using Vachetta). The wax laces also compliment the leather nicely. For now, we can only dream.

With all the trade shows this time of year Brandblack has been teasing its Hinterland collection and updated silhouettes.

Thoughts? Sound off below.

brandblack rare metal leather 1

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  1. Man, don’t play with my emotions. LOL! If these release, I’ll be getting at least 2 pair. I haven’t purchased a ball shoe in a while but this model in leather/solid CW would have my wallet wide open. I still haven’t gotten a pair of Rare Metals yet. I’m slipping.

  2. I still can’t get over BB basicly giving me leather force vectors for 30$ that brand knows how to earn loyalty.

  3. Just looking at it you can tell how soft that leather looks. Jordan retro “remastered” should be using this kinda leather for what they charge.

  4. they look so subtle but so amazing. love the simple yet sleek designs that Brandblack push out. plus the price shouldn’t be so high, as always where if this were a Nike shoe it would be above the $200 range.

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