Possible UA Drive 4 Lux Makes an Appearance

Normally, we at WearTesters.com don’t like to speculate or report on images unless they can be confirmed, but since the source is as reliable as you can find these days, we feel confident in saying, “Welcome to the Under Armour Drive 4 – Lux.” That’s right — a Lux edition for a basketball shoe besides the Curry.

There are some saying this is a Curry 3.5, or 3.5 Lux, or anything but what it is, but @Flashsole, who has so much inside info on Under Armour it’s like he owns the company, came through minutes ago with the news. No info on cushioning yet, and the name being Drive 4 asks the question “where is the ClutchFit?” (the regular Drive 4 will feature a mesh upper, but still no mention of ClutchFit).

You can see the sole has almost the same traction as the Curry 3, and it worked, so why change it? As for what the upper does have, well, with the limited angles, it appears to have a seamless mid and forefoot design, transitioning to a synthetic collar. Forefoot flex grooves are cut into the midsole for improved transition. A low-cut external heel counter wraps into the ankle area for stability and lockdown. That’s the most anyone can tell you right now, unless Flash comes through with more info.

Again, this a very early image. There is no release date yet, and no pricing, but at least we know one thing: Under Armour isn’t stagnant. I can’t wait to play in these.

drive 4



  1. These look pretty interesting…hopefully a micro G set up? the midsole reminded of the dame 3 before i clicked the article tho

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