PEAK DH2 – New Colorways Emerge

Ever since the DH2 first surfaced, questions about availability and wide appeal have been asked. Well, no word yet on how available it will be in the U.S., but at least now we have an idea of how wide PEAK is throwing its nets as far as colorways.

Three new colors surfaced over the weekend and they all look nice — well, two new colorways and one we haven’t seen in a while. Matched up with the Atlanta Hawks jerseys, home, away, and alternative, the DH2 looks like a player. The PEAKSurface upper, thick ankle padding, broken herringbone traction, and Cushion-3 midsole should make this a good performer, much like the DH1, but hopefully lighter.

Again, still no word on release or pricing, but as soon as we get it, you get it. If anyone has seen these overseas, hit us up with the fit and feel below.

peak-dh2-red peak-dh2-black peak-dh2-royal

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  1. Hmm… Wonder what that Peak-Pad is like. Almost looks like how Nike shapes the chamber surrounding Zoom pods. Doubt it’d be exactly the same thing.

  2. Bryan Hinkle can you order me the Black/Red one? After seeing Tony Parker moving around like the young Tony Parker vs the GSW I definitely want to try out Peak.

  3. This and the Tony Parkers look nice. Peak has a good thing going right now. I wonder how that forefoot cushion feels. Like Ozka said, it looks to be protruding like unlocked zoom, so it better be good.

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