The Original Black/Red Jordan Jumpman Pro is Available Now

The original Black/Red Jordan Jumpman Pro Retro is available now. Nostalgia on fleek.

Despite horrible material quality and being completely stripped of its original technology, the Jordan Jumpman Pro in the OG Black/Red colorway is back.

Fans of the Jumpman Pro will like the fact that they visually look like the original but they’ll be disappointed with everything else. However, if you were waiting for this colorway to release then now is your chance to grab them.

Head over to if you’re interested — retail is $140.





  1. got the black/gold pair
    gotta say i’m as disappointed as you are
    after the terrible 2009 retros, i thought they’d make some improvements this time, especially with the “remastering” hype
    well they failed big time

  2. Most disappointing is that JB messed these up and it’s gonna take another X-years for them to come out again. Could’ve done right by them but they decided to F these up.

  3. I very disappointed. As soon as I saw them I thought to myself I have to get these. I am not nostalgic about any shoes but these are the exception. I am just as mad as Night wing. I would not even buy these even if I can get them for 30 dollars. I buy shoes to play with.

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