An Official Look at the Nike KD 9 Elite

An official look at the upcoming Nike KD 9 Elite is here — whether you like it or not. 

Much like “Elite” models of the past, not much has changed. The tooling remains the same, so you’ll receive a very similar experience if you’re one of the few that decides to grab these once they hit retail.

What has changed is the upper; thicker Flyknit makes up most of the upper and it looks as if most of the fuse welded seams have been removed. This will likely result in a more comfortable upper that won’t require breaking in. The rear section of the shoe features a compression collar similar to that of the KD 8 Elite.

While the official images of the upcoming Elite model have leaked online, pricing and a release date have not. However, the release is likely coming very soon as they’ve already been made available overseas. Moreover, official images popping up online usually means the product’s landing page is being worked on in order for it to go live.

Share your thoughts on the Nike KD 9 Elite and stay tuned for additional information as it comes.

Images Via Nike



  1. Hmm. I want to say I like them but those ultra-thick flywire cables are not exactly good looking. Performance-wise they will probably be the same as the regular model. That said, they’ll be $180+ for sure

  2. I don’t get why they replaced the flywire with a rope lol. It looks ok but I’ll wait til it hit the outlets

  3. That lacing system. Looks like a meth addict engineer with ADHD tried to copy the Crazy Explosive lacing.

    No thanks. Looks like a boa constrictor for your feet.

  4. They should have focused on the traction and zoom bag popping issues instead of the lacing system… Still a nope for me

  5. While the Elite line doesn’t command a new shoe purchase, I won’t dismiss the potential with the tweaks. Thicker “cables” probably apply less pressure, and the way the top ones seem to loop around the heel is cool.

  6. The whole Elite line has been a bust. The alterations are mostly gimmicks, and do not improve performance to a significant degree on the majority of the shoes. The prices are absolutely wretched, too.

    What they need to do is a refinement of the existing shoe- improve what it does right and correct what doesn’t. On this, they needed to make the traction better, fix that little part of the zoom bag that pops, make an outrigger for more stability, and maybe make the upper more accomodating for wider feet(which this may do, but I’m not holding my breathe). But all they did was add some ugly, fat flywire things and put a floppy used condom-looking piece on the ankle that will do nothing.

    The only good thing about this shoe is it will sit at outlets forever and will eventually be a cheap option for people to try that zoom setup.

    1. never been a fan of this shoe eversince I’ve tried them on. extremely difficult to put on and the fucking condom design is just hideous and made the shoe cheap looking.

  7. It’s already been released here in the Philippines and the price is exactly the same as the regular ones. so most likely it will still be $150 in US. I guess.

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