An Official Look at the Air Jordan XV (15) Retro OG

The Air Jordan XV is coming back in the OG Black/Stealth colorway yet again.

Last released as an online exclusive in 2007, the Air Jordan XV was the last model, since the Air Jordan III, that Tinker Hatfield designed. Some felt Tinker was out of creative juices with the 15 — even though the silhouette is a favorite of mine for nostalgic reasons. We published a performance review years ago that you can check out here.

While it’s nice to see the Air Jordan XV return, I hope this isn’t the only colorway we see release. We know the OG Obsidian version is supposed to see a release as well, but if JB were to release the OG White/University Blue and the Flint Grey 15s then I’d be really happy. Throw in some of the OG Low top colorways as well because I could always use a fresh wearable pair of the White/Red Lows.

As stated above, these dropped in 2007 and were really easy to purchase; they retailed for $150. Today’s Retro is scheduled to release on January 7 for $190. Adjusted for inflation, the original release costed $184 in 2015 money.

Enjoy the official look at the upcoming Air Jordan XV Retro OG and let us know your thoughts on the model in general. Do you love them, hate them, or are you indifferent?




  1. Nike is grasping at straws in re releasing these. In regard to the adjusted for today’s dollar thing, they were a ripoff back then, and they are a ripoff now.

  2. I like the over all design but I don’t get the shoe tongue. I think the only one who wore it was Reggie Miller. I think the low version looks better.

    1. if my memory serves me correctly, i read somewhere before that the xv’s “stuck out tongue” was tinker’s homage to mj sticking his tongue out whenever he would attack the paint/rim/defender

  3. Back in the day when Reggie would be wearing these and facing Kobe who was wearing the robot Adidas. Dat early 2000’s aesthetic

  4. i actually like how these look, did back then and still do now
    they weren’t good to ball in, though, not at all, even

  5. I had these and played ball in them. I like how they stand out and honestly they performed ok for me. At least I know when I wear the shoe that the next guy won’t be wearing the same thing as me.

  6. Looks like they could fly lol. Personally don’t like the one tone 15s. The white/obsidian colorway doesn’t look bad. But not something I would pick up right now, with the white/red 13s, playoff 12 lows coming up. But would like to pick up the right colorway in the future when I have more financial leeway.

  7. Visually, this Jordan is an abject disaster from top to bottom. From the incredibly misguided tongue to the awful blocking of interesting materials. The shape got it looking like a shitty spaceship prop for a Sci-Fi film made in the 1950s.

    Tinker tinkered with this joint for too long. I wouldn’t even wear these to escape an active Volcano bruh.

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