NYTimes: Tragedy Made Steve Kerr See the World Beyond the Court

Yesterday, the New York Times published a fantastic piece about Steve Kerr. Written by Pulitzer Prize winning reporter John Branch, the piece details how the assassination of Kerr’s father, Malcolm H. Kerr, during the Lebanese civil war shaped Coach Kerr’s life. Since, Steve Kerr has been engaging in public discourse on gun control, presidential politics, medical cannabis, etc. — all while becoming an N.B.A. champion as a player and coach.

This piece is fantastic and incredibly moving — and it is well worth your time. You can read it at NYTimes.com by clicking here. I’m happy to discuss it in the comments below — let me know what you think.

steve kerr tragedy 1

Steve Kerr in 1987, during his playing days for the University of Arizona. Credit Arizona, via Collegiate Images/Getty Images

Source: NYTimes



  1. I never knew that Kerr went through all of this. You find out about a man by what he goes through and how he comes out. A champion basketball player, coach, and a man. This was inspirational.

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