This is Not the Nike KD 9 Multicolor You Were Looking For

When the Nike KD 9 was first unveiled at the Nike Innovation Summit there was a beautiful black/multicolor version of the shoe that got everyone talking.

What we had learned at the launch event for the KD 9 is that the colorway most of us fell in love with will not be releasing to the public — at least not in the foreseeable future. However, there will be a multicolored version of the KD 9…it just might not be the one you were looking for.

While there is no official release information right now, this multicolored pair popped up online, and it too has everybody talking. The upper looks nice and we can’t really complain about multicolored FlyKnit. The outsole though — we’re not too sure about that. While this look isn’t for everyone, we’re pretty sure there will be plenty of people that will happily wear these. We just hope they wear them on-court.

Stay tuned for more information on this new multicolored option from the Nike KD 9 lineup and let us know what you think about them below in the comment section.

This is Not the Nike KD 9 Multicolor You Were Looking For 1

This is Not the Nike KD 9 Multicolor You Were Looking For 2

This is Not the Nike KD 9 Multicolor You Were Looking For 3

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  1. Hi Nightwing. Do the K9 have a flat (Hyperrev) or neutral ride (Kobe)?If you can answer the question if would really help.

  2. I thought this was gonna be a Star Wars themed colorway based on the title of the article lol.

  3. KD have a strong performance line of sneakers. Price point will always be a consumer issue. What can not be compromised is quility. The KD 9 is not lacking in style, performance and price point. To post negative article about the color of the sole bro come on. I see you cosigned some ugly Curry 2 -2.5 color ways.

    1. There was nothing negative about the shoe or colorway mentioned in the article. If you cannot handle others having an opinion that is different than yours then the internet might not be the place for you. It was clearly stated that these may not be for everyone but that there will be plenty of people that will enjoy the colorway. There are good and bad colorways on every shoe — Curry 2 included, and I haven’t co-signed any 2.5 because I do not like the shoe at all. Nice try though — so to say something as ignorant as what you said is a little strange. Not every colorway is for every person. Not sure how that could even be considered “negative”.

      1. The title of the article is leading readers to disapprove of the KD9 Multicolor. I also read the HD 2016 Flyknit review where you clearly state that you have issue with the price point. Two hundred dollars for an adult size shoe that you can wear for years is not expensive. The Curry 2.5 review you used a passive aprroach and only compared it to the Curry2. How does the Curry 2.5 get a top rating in fit when it gave you blisters?

        1. I never wore the 2.5 so not sure what you’re talking about there. The article title wasn’t misleading at all, it was meant as a joke. Something you seem to not be able to understand. The multicolored KD isn’t releasing – the one everyone was looking forward to – and instead this version using multicolor will. The title plays on the old Star Wars line “these are not the droids you’re looking for”. $200 for a team shoe when the same company will sell you a similar model with similar tech for $110 is expensive. If I feel like saying it then I will. Much like you feel like saying all of the nonsense you’re currently typing out. If you want drama then go to another site. This isn’t the site for you.

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