NikeLab Collaborates with “Vision-Airs” for Special Air Max Day Releases

With Air Max Day approaching on March 26, NikeLab has unveiled the latest collaborations that showcase modern designs on classic Nike Air models, as well as upcoming models.

NikeLab has partnered with three designers to showcase a wide array of approaches for Nike Air. From the worlds of industrial design, fashion, and architecture, these designers have created their unique takes on classics such as the Nike Air Max 1 and Nike Air Max 97, and new silhouettes like the Nike VaporMax. Marc Newson, Riccardo Tisci, and Arthur Huang have taken the reins on Nike Air models.

In addition, Nike has a set of new designers representing some of the world’s top fashion schools in a project showcasing the Nike VaporMax for Experiments in Style. A short video gives a look at what is to come from this project.

NikeLab Air VaporMax x Marc Newson

The NikeLab Air VaporMax x Marc Newson brings industrial design icon Marc Newson’s perspective of industrial craft to the upcoming model of the Nike Air VaporMax. Featuring two of Nike’s future-forward technologies, Flyknit and Air VaporMax, Newson creates a new Air VaporMax from a moccasin inspired design with modern materials. Newson brings a leather chassis and Velcro strap frame to a pre-molded Nike Flyknit upper. This upper is combined to a Nike VaporMax unit by a TPU cupsole, allowing for a responsive ride directly underfoot.

NikeLab Air Max 97 Mid x Ricardo Tisci

NikeLab and fashion designer Ricardo Tisci have collaborated before, such as the various Nike Air Force 1 designs from the classic low top, and ranging to an extremely high calf covering version of the Air Force 1. This time, NikeLab and Ricardo Tisci take the Nike Air Max 97 and make it a mid cut. The mid cut features a hidden zipper for additional functionality, while the upper sports a combination of tumbled synthetic leather and suede underlays that contrast with the milky white outsole. Foil accents and embossed details tie everything together.

NikeLab Air Max 1 FK Royal x Arthur Huang

For the first time ever, Nike collaborates with Miniwiz CEO and architect Arthur Huang. The Nike Air Max 1 Ultra 2.0 x Arthur Huang uses all recycled and post-consumer materials. Additionally, this collaboration is the lightest Air Max 1 built to date.

Source: Nike


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  1. The vapormax colors just clash too much for me, the 97 just doesnt look good as a high to me, I’m really digging the 1 tho

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