Nike Zoom Venomenon 4

There is a new Kobe model floating around the net and its being reported as the Nike Zoom Venomenon 4.

Not much is known other than the fact that they use Zoom Air for cushion – likely forefoot only – and that these are going to feature XDR just like previous versions. The upper is strange as it could be Engineered Mesh, Flyknit or some type of Fuse. Not sure exactly so we will just have to wait until more info surfaces to confirm.

Until then, enjoy the image and feel free to share your thought below.

Nike Zoom Venomenon 4

Via abt_lrj23



  1. These seem sick. If they got the right bball specs like heel and forefoot zoom or lunarlon insert, they a must cop! But maybe they got sick colourways, it’s also a must cop for casual.

  2. These look much, much better than the previous venomenon models, Sleeker with nicer materials, probably a good outdoor shoe…

    1. What do you guys think about all these Asia specific models that some of you guys have access to? Are any worth getting, or do you think they are too average to consider?

      From what I can tell, not many of the members here that have access to them think very highly of them. What else is there apart from this Venomenon line and Dream Season line?

      1. i wouldn’t be able to tell you, to be honest, i’ve never been tempted to try any of them on, let alone pick up a pair, the new dream season looks breathable and reasonably low to the ground, but everything else in the lebron and kobe takedown lines just look bulky and blocky to me…plus i’m not a big enough fan of either lebron or kobe to even consider looking at shoes that were probably made primarily for their fans, i’ve never even been inclined to pick up something from lebron’s soldier line, for instance.

        i understand that a lot of folks here are willing to look into them because of their durability, but i just don’t see the point, at that price point you can get something that lasts just as long, doesn’t have any obnoxious signature athlete branding on it and will probably perform a lot better…you just have to look at the sales racks.

        for example, the air penny v, which i think is an incredible shoe, as well as the best looking pair of kicks to have come out in the last two years (my opinion of course), is now slightly more than $600 hkd in two colorways here…that’s probably about $80 USD or thereabouts

        1. Wow, probably not worth getting any of these outdoor models if you can get shoes like the Penny V for $80. I don’t really like some of the colorways that I’ve seen so far to pay the full $169 or whatever they go for at retail, but for $80, I’d probably get two pairs straight out if I had access to them at that price. It seems both people in the US and Hong Kong can get some crazy deals, we get nothing like that in Australia. Basketball just isn’t that popular here anymore :(.

          I just had a look at some of the other colorways, and you’re right, they do look pretty good. If I can get the Penny Vs for a decent price at some point, I’ll check them out based on your recommendation.

          Having said that, how many pairs do you own? I assume you have a few if you can get them at that price ;).

  3. I bet these could’ve been the Kobe 9, but it was scrapped.

    Kind of like the hyperposites and Lebron X.

    Slap some flywire, synthetic material on the tongue, and a change of outsole, and you got a Kobe sig.

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