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Nike Zoom Soldier VII (7) Wear Test Sample – Detailed Look

The Nike Zoom Soldier VI was awesome, one of the better performance models in 2012, and today we have a detailed look at the Nike Zoom Soldier VII. Honestly, I can’t say that I’m too impressed. The traction looks awful and the upper has hardly been changed. Not too enthusiastic when innovation is left out of the equation… this is more like a re-release with a slight redesign. But who knows… maybe these will perform better than the VI and have some new tech we don’t know about.




















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19 Comments on Nike Zoom Soldier VII (7) Wear Test Sample – Detailed Look

  1. Is the Jordan Melo M9 one of the best shoes on the market in terms of comfort?

  2. Blacktop only it seems?

  3. Midfoot strap appears removable.

  4. They dont look that bad to me, cushion still looks plentiful and the upper will last a long time.

  5. personally, I like these better than the VI’s. the strap design and upper are much improved and the collar seems to be like a sleeve. traction seems to have an unusual look but I feel that it’s the same as the previous model. one thing that I can’t get over though, are those ugly and out of place stitching for real?

    • KLO be stopped vs 2013 // January 3, 2013 at 6:13 am // Reply

      I had hi hopes for the LBJ ZS 6’s, HOH had the Ohio camo CW in my size but when i tried them on I felt like my feet were not flat with my feet pointed inward (medial instep) these look like thare shaped the same way – the silhouette looks too similar

      • I find the Z6 to be flat unlike the KD IV’s which were tilted towards the medial side. the only issue is that such tilting would create some hotspots on the shoe which I felt with the KD IV’s. the Z6 personally were fine with my foot. you don’t suffer from pronation do you?

        again, I just hope that these are only prototypes because if those ugly stitchings were really present, I will be annoyed as hell.

  6. These shoes look like they lack ventilation…but i think they have tha same cushioning system

  7. maybe I’m kinda old school but the zoom soldier line is way better looking than the actual ‘bron shoes imo…and for the money why pay for nike’s overhyped lines heehee

  8. Michael Mok // January 3, 2013 at 7:10 pm // Reply

    Just a terrible-looking performance shoe. I would have gone with the Soldier VIs any day

  9. that outsole looks crazy. the rest isnt too nice. they arent the finished product but the upper and midsole are a mess. dont think you could fix that upper w/o starting over. I have a hunch that traction is going to be amazing

  10. Traction would likely play like the Soldier 3s. Definitely great for outdoors. And the collar cushion looks more comfortable. All other aspects are the same with the soldier 6s.

    And in IMO, some features of this shoe is gonna hint on how the lebron XI will look like.

  11. eugene wyman // January 21, 2013 at 9:32 pm // Reply

    worse than this years

  12. Guys it’s just the nike lebron 10s and the nike zoom soldier vi it’s way obvious its a combo

  13. The sole looks terrible

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