Nike Zoom HyperRev 2016 Performance Review | Volleyball

Playing volleyball in hoop shoes? We’ve got you covered.

From the OG HyperRev to the 2015 edition one thing for sure was that they can take both the form of a mid and low, and the HR16 blends the two into one. With remnants of each of the last two models, does the HR16 perform as just as well? Let’s see!




The traction on these shoes are awesome. A multidirectional pattern, which features hollow diamonds, runs full-length and it even runs up part of the midsole on the medial side of the shoe. Straight out the box they were providing traction the moment they hit the floor. They squeak too (and I love hearing that as it’s a immediate response for me to know the traction is ready to be played on) and wipes make them even squeakier. The diamonds are pretty close together on the outsole so dust and dirt can get caught in the grooves but the diamonds are hollowed out so they provide good traction despite the presence of dust and dirt.

I played basketball with Nightwing in these, while he was wearing the Kobe XI, and there was dust and dirt present on the court we played on. I think I wiped once prior to the start of each game and that was usually the only time I needed to wipe. Having played on multiple court conditions, these provided great traction. They allowed me to make any move I wanted without thinking about the traction — that’s something I feel like everyone desires. If you’re slipping around on the court you’re not thinking about playing the game, you’re more concerned for the lack of traction. This is not the case for the HyperRev 2016.

If you’re reading my review for the volleyball standpoint, then here it is. These have great traction on multiple court surfaces. From sportcourt to hardwood courts to composite courts, the HyperRev 2016’s traction works on all of them. Traction for lateral movement is great; the medial traction area helps with shuffling side to side.

I liked the traction of the OG HyperRev and I thoroughly enjoyed the traction of the HyperRev2015, but these just beat both of those out. I liked that the 2016 model was just straight rubber so the whole outsole would stay consistent (the OG and 2015 model had parts of traction that were textured Phylite/Phylon from the midsole). If you like traction these are good in that department. I think the traction should last a good amount of time if played only indoors as my pair shows little to no wear or fraying. This is a good thing. Outdoors…this depends. Try them outdoors and let me know how long they’ll last you.



Returning to the HyperRev 2016 is the same set up that the HyperRev 2015 had: a Phlyon midsole with heel and forefoot Zoom Air units. I STRAIGHT LOVE ZOOM AIR, it’s my favorite. So I was excited to try these out.

I think the heel unit is bottom loaded as you can see it through the Swoosh window but I’m unsure about the forefoot (it might just be top loaded). In the forefoot it feels like the Zoom unit is protruding out a little bit but in reality there are just flex grooves around it. It’s not unlocked Zoom but it’s pretty darn close — you feel like you are directly on top of the unit. The heel unit, like the last model, provides good heel impact and also provides pretty good heel to toe transition if you’re the type of player that runs like that. I typically run on my forefoot but when I go to jump with two feet I plant my heel hard then transition to my toes and the heel Zoom unit is much preferred for me instead of just straight Phylon.

In the last model I loved being able to feel the Zoom through the Phlyon. This is no different for the 2016 edition. The moment you put them on and stand in them the Zoom is felt underfoot. If you have tried the 2015 model, the 2016 feels very similar. Now, Zoom units in the heel and forefoot, along with a Phlyon midsole, are nothing new but are a nice set up when done right. They may have moved on from Phylite and full-length Zoom but the softer Phylon and responsive Zoom units perform just as well.



So the HyperRev line has always been mesh uppers and added materials with each new model. The OG model was a straight mesh upper with little Fuse overlays. With the 2015 edition there was added neoprene to the ankle area and added Fuse to certain areas for more durability. The HyperRev 2016 has all of that and now has a Hyperfuse one-piece outer shell that runs from the lateral side of the shoe to the toe area. I think that this was a good decision for this shoe because of the soft materials used — durability would be an issue. Now, the Fuse isn’t restrictive and hard like on the Kyrie 2 but it’s more like the LeBron X with the soft Fuse. However, the HyperRev 2016 has some rubber texture over it. Durability should be good now with the added material. The materials provided really don’t need in any break in time so upon first wear you’ll be ready to play at full speed.IMG_1131

Fit & Support:


Remember I said that the 2016 model blends the OG and the 2015 model into one? Well it does. Elements from both models are in the HyperRev 2016 like the inner bootie of the 2015, and a similar lacing system and strap like the OG. The 2016 silhouette even looks like the OG model on foot.

The inner bootie of the shoe provides a sock-like fit. It’s still difficult to get your foot into the shoe, just like the 2015 and OG models (I guess that’s good continuity). In addition to added durability, the Fuse outer shell provides pretty good containment and support. I could do without the strap as it would get undone from time to time but when it stays down and out of the way it works.

The lacing system reminds me of dynamic fit which was on the XX9 but acts like the Flywire nylon strands that were on the last two HyperRev models. When you tie the laces tighter you can definitely see them hugging your foot tighter. There is an internal heel counter and added padding on the inside of the bootie near your achellies as well as a rubber heel piece to refrain your heel from moving side to side. There is an outrigger that is more pronounced on this shoe than the last model and helps with stability and lateral support. And speaking of lateral support, there is a piece of the Phlyon midsole that creeps up the side of your foot which is just above the area of the outrigger.

Now is the shoe supportive? Yes you are literally covered. How’s the fit? The shoes fit a little longer than usual but I feel like it’s just me. Sometimes they feel longer, sometimes they don’t, but wearing thicker socks like Nike Elites or Stance basketball socks helped remedy that. There were times where I would re-lace, looking for better lockdown in the ankle/heel area, but that’s just me being nitpicky. Other than that, they fit fine. If you are interested in trying these out go to your local Foot Locker or Nike retailer and try them on — only way to know if they fit you or not.


I really enjoyed playing in this shoe. The HyperRev line has become my favorite line from Nike because every model, so far, has been able to perform and provide good materials and tech for pretty good prices.

My only problem with the shoes, other than the straps getting undone, was that after playing in them my arches would be super sore. I know that the midsole is sculpted in a way to provide a type of “arch support” but the shoes lacking in a mid-foot shank (consistent with almost every shoe) for added rigidity and support kinda sucks if you ask me. If Nike added something internal that would be a nice little touch. I mean I could just add some insoles in and call it a day but I’m reviewing the shoe so that’s what it is.

Other than that I loved the traction and the cushion set up, especially if you love Zoom. I liked the added Fuse, usually something that people don’t like, and I like how the shoe is practically the OG and 2015 together in a newer fashion.

Now if you’re here to find out if you can play volleyball in these things my answer is: yes. I was talking to Nightwing the other day about this and practically this is what I think good performing volleyball shoes, wait no, good performing court shoes should provide: good traction, some type of cushioning, support (in forward and lateral movements), and containment (which is pretty much fit).

These perform well in each of those categories just for $110 (the HyperRev 2015 retailed for $130). These are basically what I thought the Hyperdunk 2015 were gonna be like. Boy was I wrong about those.

Anyways, if you’re looking to try out a pair right now you can grab these here.



  1. Hi penweezy, great review! Will definitely have to try these on next time I’m at a store.

    What are your thoughts on low versus high top shoes for volleyball and basketball? The general notion seems to be that high tops offer more support but restrict lateral movements a bit more. Do you agree? Or are higher heel collars just for show?

    1. Thanks for checking out my review!
      My thoughts on lows vs highs for vball and bball is: wear what is comfortable. I feel like the more comfortable you are in the shoe the higher the level of play you are going to get as you are more focused on the game. Now I wear both lows and highs for both sports as I’m pretty comfortable in either height. The main thing I’m looking for is support and lockdown as traction and cushioning will usually be good amongst shoes nowadays. I think that a lot of lows have pretty good lockdown and support which allows for more ankle mobility. Most high cuts now have a portion near the achellies area where there is no material that allows for forward and backward movement which is nice. Good high cut shoes now usually allow for good lateral movement as too much would be too uncomfortable to play in. Hate to say it buy my favorite shoe til this day, the Kobe IV, proved that the height of the shoe doesn’t matter and that the support and lock down is what mattered. So usually if a shoe has good support and lockdown they usually get high praises regadrless of collar height. Hopefully that answers your question!

    1. Thanks! Yeah usually after I break in a shoe and review it I put in a secondary market insole (usually bought from FL or Champs) if my arches are constantly sore after playing in the particular model. But $110 for a good performer (and in my opinion can out perform some sig models) is what people want. Everyone is always looking for deals and this falls into that category.

  2. My only gripe with the 2015 hyperrev is that I stopped feeling the zoom completely after 6 months or so. Otherwise it is a great shoe and i’ve already ordered the 2016. Btw, did you try it with ankle braces?

    1. I haven’t played in the HR15 that much to not feel the Zoom but that unfortunate for that to happen. I rarely ever if anything never wear ankle braces so no I haven’t tried playing in them with ankle braces.

  3. This is a great review. Kind of long, but it makes me eat to read it.
    I feel like the rubber on the back might be for helping you take off your shoes. (You know when you step on the back of one to get the other off?)
    Love the price decrease for a change.

    1. Thanks! Yeah I tried not to make the review lengthy but there’s always so much to say about the shoes…the struggle. But thanks for checking out the review!
      HAHA that’s something I never thought about or tried but I will the next time I wear them.
      The price change is awesome! It’s not often when a shoe model goes down in price and the quality of performance of the shoe does down in quality. USUALLY when the price goes up we expect better performer but the opposite happened with these as they got better.

  4. played in these today….the hyperrev 2015 will take some beating, it was my favorite shoe of 2015 besides the crazylight boost 2015, but these feel official, the upper isn’t as ‘free’ feeling as the hyperrev 2015, which gave me everything i needed and nothing that i didn’t, but the fit on these is really nice…the cushion, though, is the most astonishing part of the shoe, real zoom, front and back…

  5. This is great, I’ve been using Nightwing’s reviews for years to determine what shoe to use next for volley. I play for the Bahamas’ Senior National team and Collegiately in canada, so you can imagine that the performance of my shoe is of dire importance to me haha!!!

  6. Great review Man!I’m using them for volleyball and I just freaking love them.However I also experience sore arches.Talking about those second market insoles do you put them over nike insoles or you just replace them?

    1. If it were me I would just replace the Nike insoles with the second market insoles. If you want to try to get a a better fit you could try out the double insoles but I have no idea how that would fit for you.

  7. Hello! Im planning on trying basketball shoes for volleyball for the first time, i play in my university for now, and planning on becoming pro one day, so what do you recommend? Great review btw, greetings from beirut, lebanon

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