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What time is it!?! Review time!! That’s right folks, NYJumpman23 here to give you what you’ve been asking for: the Nike Zoom HyperRev 2016 performance review. Let’s get straight into it.


Traction –  Surprisingly, the traction is the highlight of the shoe. The multi-directional diamond grid pattern  grips the floor extremely well. With outdoor and/or indoor surfaces, the shoe does the job well. The rubber on the outsole isn’t overly soft or hard, but it’s just the right texture to allow the shoe to grip the floor very well without slippage. Of course, occasionally you’ll get dust pickups like every other shoe, but the occasional wipe will do the trick. I do suggest keeping these shoes indoors; the shoe’s outsole probably wouldn’t last as long on outdoor courts. For a non-signature model to have traction like this, Nike has really done their homework and given us something back that we’ve yearned for so long — great traction.



Cushion – Zoom, Zoom, Zoom! The cushion setup here utilizes Zoom Air in the heel and the forefoot. I can’t but help to believe it utilizes the same responsive cushion setup as the Nike Lebron Ambassador 8, my previous review. With the same slightly thick insole and the cushion setup, there isn’t much to complain about. This cushion setup should be a standard on all future models from here on out, in my opinion. This is the way things should be. Good job Nike.


MaterialsThe HyperRev utilizes a full-length mesh inner sleeve (or what I call the bootie) for a sock-like fit. It also uses a fuse overlay shell along the velcro strap that wraps around the mid-foot for containment. The Phylon midsole provides an ample, lightweight, stable ride complimented by the Zoom Air units within the heel and forefoot. Implemented on the rear of the shoe is a rubber molded TPU heel counter to provide proper secure fit. The overall use of materials is what we’ve seen in previous models, so it’s not something we can say is new, but I do like the design factor behind it. The shoe just works.


Fit – True to size. I have a semi-wide foot, but I stayed true to size on these bad boys. It is a definite struggle to put on this pair of shoes. You have to get creative with putting your foot into the shoe, but once you’ve done it a few times, you get it down to a science. That being said, if you do wear an over-sized ankle brace, you will most likely not be able to put your foot in the shoe. I’ve also done a personal test utilizing a McDavid ankle sleeve, a McDavid multi-strap ankle brace, and the Adidas Speedwrap (ala Derrick Rose). The only one that didn’t require a struggle for me to get my foot into the shoe was the McDavid Ankle sleeve.

There aren’t many gripes with the shoe utilizing similar properties of the speed lace system from the Jordan Super.Fly 4, but one of the gripes I had was the mid-foot Velcro strap. I had good lockdown, as long as I laced the shoe tight and strapped in place. However, on rare occasions the mid-foot Velcro strap came loose. It’s not a big deal unless it comes loose consistently, which didn’t happen to me. I wish the materials utilized implemented a slight stretch-fit material to counteract the overlay reach of the Velcro strap in order to alleviate the issue of the loose strap.

I did have the same weird issue stated in Duke4005’s review , particularly on my right foot, that even when laced tight I had minor heel slippage during warm-ups. But during active games, I honestly didn’t even think about it, and never had an issue with shuffling my feet during defensive stances and actively starting a fastbreak. A lot of it has to come down to the design lines put into the architectural basis of the shoe, but hopefully Nike will pay more attention to these little intricacies. Generally the shoe fit well; a nice lace-up, strap in, and containment gave a good without much issue.

As shown below:
I couldn’t even get my foot in with the McDavid multi-strap ankle brace. Meanwhile, I was able to get my foot in with the adidas Speedwrap ankle brace, but with lengthy trouble and I could barely use the overlay velcro strap as it didn’t stay shut.




Support – The support mainly comes from the structure of the shoe and the design aesthetics utilized in the overlay. The way the diamond grid-like pattern is utilized on the shoe, wrapped along the medial side of the shoe, gives the player ease of mind on hard cuts, cross-over moves, and lateral movements because you know that the traction is there to hold you down. Also, on the lateral side there is a very lengthy outrigger that gives the player proper stance and stability, which is plus. The upper materials don’t offer much support other than the lacing system that wraps along the footbed and the Velcro strap. The shoe honestly plays like a low top, which I don’t really complain about, because I’ll play in almost any shoe you give me. Again, if you wear an ankle brace to play ball, this particular model is not for you.


Overall – The shoe’s good…real good. I can honestly say this shoe out-performs even the signature Nike models. This non-signature model also has heel and forefoot zoom. COME ON!? Why wouldn’t you want to put your foot on these plush pillows? The Nike HyperRev line has always performed well, and this model is no exception. This is a shoe for any multi-position player fitting any and all needs — it’s a ball player’s shoe. It even took some design queues from the LeBron Ambassador 8 model, which I love.

If you’re concerned with not being able to wear an ankle brace, or just not mentally able to finesse that fact there is no dynamic upper support, this shoe definitely isn’t for you (again, doesn’t matter if you wear a high, mid, or low top, if you step on someone’s foot and your ankle turns, you’re going to get hurt the same way).

However, those who play fast, are constantly changing direction, and need impact cushioning, proper traction, and decent price, will love this shoe. I hope Nike follows this architectural design and continues to utilize this type of great traction and cushion setup (including the Lebron Ambassador 8) on all future models from now on. It’s back to basics, and Nike really has done a swell job on these.

HyperRev 2016 Score Card

You can purchase the Nike Zoom HyperRev 2016 at the following retailers listed below:

Champs: Link

Footaction: Link


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  1. Hey man! Loved the real! A buddy just brought me one from the US today (I’m in Brazil) and while I’ve had not a chance to play yet (I am with some issues on my ribs after taking an elbow on a game), I tried then relentlessly on my bedroom and I agree with everything you said. I might just add my 2c regarding the fit: first, I could wear it with an aircast a60 with not much issues (and I have a very wide feet which brings another point in a sec…). Second, I had some heel slippage (and some dead space on the heel area) but NOT when jumping/sliding my foot around. The foot with the ankle brace had a similar heel fit as the Hyperrev 15, while the other foot had some minor issues which could be corrected had I bought a 10.5 instead of a 11 (which I usually buy due to having very wide feet..there’s maybe half an inch empty on the toe box. Maybe that helped getting the aircast inside the shoe? I am also not sure if I could wear half a size down since the fuse material is already very tight around my feet on both sides). I also tried crossing the laces behind my foot before doing the regular knot and that helped A LITTLE.

    Anyway, sorry for the long write up lol I am loving the shoe. Nike did a GREAT job. And keep those reviews comin’!

    1. Your basing your Input on sizing up, just to wear a brace. I’m basing it for others that are natural true size. My review is based on my true size and nor did in my review suggest anybody 1/2 sizing up or down bc it wasn’t necessary. But thank you for reading.

    1. The signature shoes are specifically made for the core athlete. Just because it works for him doesn’t mean it works for everyone else. I think the focal point on the shoe needs to adjust to be able to accommodate the consumer also, but we don’t always get what we want. But so far, Nike has done a superb job w/ this and the Ambassador model.

      1. well, it was suppose to work with everyone else otherwise what’s the point of selling them. the signature shoes used to accommodate everyone before this whole “couture” shoe nonsense came into the picture. I remember being able to wear LJ, Shaq, Grant Hill, Jordan shoes back then without any problem and they look and feel great despite the players doning them don’t seem to have the same physique as you.

        even Lebron for instance would rather delegate to using or wearing the Soldiers rather than his one signature line because they are really bad.

        I just can’t imagine KD wearing the shoes the Nike is providing for him and I would just imagine that he got some bad taste and doesn’t feel uncomfortable even if he would wear stilettos.

  2. Good performance review by Nyjumpman23. The zoom really sounds good. Although getting a ankle brace in sounds like work.

    1. Work is an understatement. I just wanted to provide a different reference as to what people would consider utilizing such as a third party item. I figure it would help w/ the review. But honestly, if you don’t always use one and are fine w/ the shoe just in general, then these shoes are great. I consider it the Mini Ambassador, and we all know how much I enjoy that shoe.

    1. Yeah, Can’t go wrong w/ the Grey. They also have multiple colors available if you check the links. I believe they’ll be releasing a few more in the future.

  3. Does the video talk about cushion? I went through it twice and I can’t seem to find it. Sorry if I’m just being absent-minded. Other than that, great review!

    1. Bighoss68 – I kind of phased it in with the Materials itself stating it utilizes Forefoot and Heel zoom. Pretty much the same aspect of the Ambassador 8.Quite pronounced on Heel more so than the forefoot due to forefoot being bottom loaded. But works well.

  4. Hi, is this something can you recommend for a flat foot baller like me? Still checking on the right shoes for me. UA Anatomix Spawn and Jordan XXVIII were my shoes and they brought discomfort to my feet particularly around the front inner heel.

    1. Chris, Not sure if I would be doing the Lillard 2 review due to Duke4005 & Nightwing having already done it. You got to check theirs out. They are the best. Possibly if they go on sale I might consider picking them up and doing a quick overview but in the meantime, I don’t see it happening. Thanks for the support!

  5. I did not like these shoes for following reasons: it sits high so having that quick burst of speed for a guard will be affected. Feels like you are walking on balloons. Also traction is not great even indoors.

    The fit is good and lockdown is tight. But the reasons above make this shoe a no go for me.

  6. Is this shoe good for flat footed players? I’ve had lots of problems with many other shoes like the Kobe 9 EM and the Hyperchase. It brought a discomfort from my inner arch and it hurt the muscle while i was playing. Will this shoe do that to me or will it be just fine??

  7. I just bought the hyperrev 2016 2 weeks ago and after several hooping sessions and several games i can honestly say that this shoe is amazing….. i have broken my ankle 2 years ago and this shoe is stable enough for me to play in without an ankle brace..
    I would recommend this shoe because it isn’t expensive and yet it offers everything a Lebron/kd/kyrie shoe offers from cushion to traction

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