Nike Zoom HyperRev 2016 Performance Review – Duke4005

I’M BAAAAAAAAACCCCKKKKK!!!!! That’s right, back on court so another review is due. This time, a it’s shoe I could not WAIT to get on foot (because I got them two days after my surgery and had to sit and look at them for almost three weeks) — the Nike Zoom Hyperrev 2016. The 2014 saw the return of full-length Zoom; 2015 was a great fitting, low-riding rocket; and the 2016 is…well, you have to read (or watch)!

duke rev16 4

MATERIALS – The upper is nothing we haven’t seen before, but it feels oh so good. Mostly mesh, especially on the medial side, with a Fuse overlay around the toe box and the strap. The ankle collar is neoprene with mesh covering the padding — very open celled, almost Torch-like padding. It stretches, but not much. The midsole is Phylon with a heel and forefoot Zoom unit. The outsole is almost segregated heel/forefoot but has a traction piece under the lateral midfoot. Like I said, nothing new, but if it works, it works.

duke rev16 2

FIT – Interesting. Wide footers, beware. If you can get your foot in the collar, you should be good. If not, then on to the next one because sizing up, in my opinion, will make the shoe too long and sloppy. The forefoot looks long, like Ronald McDonald invaded Beaverton, but when on the foot it is exact. My normal 10.5 left me about a thumb’s width from the end of the shoe, which is what I like.

The midfoot strap helps keep your foot over the footbed (mine never came undone) and works well with the lacestraps pulling the shoe around like a Nike Snuggy. The heel is where it gets weird; I laced all the way tight, to the point of foot pain, and I still felt like my heel was slipping during warmups. During games, at full speed, I never worried or felt like I was unstable. I hate, HATE, my foot moving inside a shoe, but for some reason it didn’t bother me or went away — sometimes both. Not as good as the 2015 (few were), but not scary or “worst fit ever” either. Just play with the lacing and find your happy place.

duke rev 16 8

TRACTION – Yeah, there is traction. Lots and lots of traction, everywhere you look. I played on a tile floor — good. Dirty 24-hour floor — stuck. Clean high school court — nice. It didn’t matter what I threw at it, the HyperRev caught it and returned fire. The pattern is diamond, not herringbone, but when I look at it, the directions and angles are the same as a good ‘bone. The rubber isn’t too soft or hard, just right, but I don’t see the pattern lasting long outdoors — it’s too shallow. I don’t remember squeaking though, so don’t ask about my squeak test. For the most part Nike has traction down, and the Rev ’16 is no different.

duke rev16 7CUSHIONING ZOOOOOOOMMMMM!!!!! And done right, or at least “right-er” than we have seen in a long time. Springy, responsive, and quick, Zoom was made for guards, and guards should love this shoe. The segmented, almost Feet You Wear molding of the outsole does contribute to the flexibility and court feel, but the Zoom gives the HyperRev 2016 it’s punch. When Zoom first arrived in the late 90’s, players immediately assumed they would be faster and lower, and this shoe makes me feel that same way. I hate to keep drooling over the Rev, but to me, it is the best usage of Zoom since the Air Jordan XX8.

duke rev16 3

SUPPORT/STABILITY – The forefoot outrigger will keep you from tipping over when you get crossed. This is one of the largest outriggers, lengthwise, I have seen in a while, running from the midfoot until almost the end of the toebox, but it doesn’t stick out very wide. It’s just enough to work. The heel is a little wider than the upper to keep rollovers away, and the midsole wraps up over the pinky toe on the lateral side to hold your foot on the footbed.

The upper doesn’t offer much other than the lacing and the strap. The lacing system moves away from the traditional Flywire into Flystraps (I guess?), and this is a good thing. The ‘Wire tended to bite into my foot when laced tight where the straps are wide enough to spread the pressure out. They run under the footbed in the midsole to pull the shoe into the foot. The strap is like Drake at a Raptors game — not necessary, kind of annoying, but still there. It is more of a Fused protective wrap over the lateral padded mesh for some durability assistance.

The ankle does nothing — might as well be wearing a lowtop. Looks cool (to me), but if you need a hightop for that extra feeling of security, keep looking. And if you wear a bulky ankle brace, forget it; I couldn’t get a lace-up McDavid in the shoe.

OVERALL A serious shoe for serious players. Let’s be honest, let’s be real: Nike has been skimping on cushioning lately, unless you want to pay +$160 for a signature shoe. The HyperRev line has been refreshing the last three seasons for two reasons — traction and one of the only good Zoom set-ups out there. The 2016 is no different.

Look at the Rev if you play a fast, energetic, quick, dynamic game. The Zoom springs and the tires squeak. If you need a supportive shoe or like a “solid” feeling shoe, you may want to skip to the next track. Not that big guys can’t wear it, but if you don’t have the footwork or gait, beware. Nike, I REALLLLLY hope this is the sign of the future — an affordable, high-performing, responsive shoe that breaks necks, good or bad. Very good.

Nike hyperrev 2016 score card (435x580)




  1. Before I even read the review, I just wanted to say “Welcome Back man”. Now, I’ll enjoy the review as usual.

  2. Great Review Duke! You guys really bring it here at weartesters. Any chance we get an early AJ XXX performance review? I know it’ll be similar to the XX9 but wanna hear from you before copping nonetheless. Also a side note, surprised that this zoom feels better in the rev than the unlocked zoom of melo m11 or XX9.

  3. Could be the heel zoom or just the more flexible putsole, but the bounce to transition was top.

    Unfortunately, no one from weartesters was invited to the XXX premiere to get an advanced pair. Seems JB didn’t think the BEST IN THE GAME deserved a shot at reviewing.

  4. Pretty clear Jordan brand is salty towards weartesters. It’s a big turn from inviting Chris to the XX9 weartest event and then nothing for the XXX.

  5. That’s garbage on Jordan brands part, definitely says something about their pride in their own product or lack there of, no confidence or class to not invite weartesters …not even nightwing?! Oh well, this is a great review, I really appreciate the readability and in-depth explanation of the fit because inreally got a good idea of what to expect, awesome. Did you have arch pain like the guy did in the other review for this shoe, duke?

  6. “The strap is like Drake at a Raptors game — not necessary, kind of annoying, but still there.”

    This sentence right here is really what makes me want to read your review again and again. Love it !

    Welcome back sir. You just made my day.

  7. Welcome back, Duke.
    Thanks for the review as well.
    It seems to me the Hyperrev has replaced the Hyperfuse in terms of lineup of team shoes.

    1. In them right now. We are living in a great time to get shoes like the dame2, rev16, and CFD 2 for all around 110.

  8. Great having you back (fast recovery) and seeing the review. These look like some nice bang for your buck shoes. Still baffles me how the zoom is better in these compared to some signatures.

  9. While I appreciate your review Duke, I am still a bit hesitant to try a new Nike Basketball shoe, especially one that sounds like it has the DNA of an Adidas Basketball called The Heat Check sans Pure Motion, yet having a Feet You Wear feel. I have watched the versatile forward Dray Greene of the Warriors rocking these, and it seems that his pair are supporting him pretty well. Now with your review that may put them on a try out list, but I just can’t get over the looks of this shoe. To paraphrase Arnold in the movie Predator from back in the day this shoe is, “one ugly mother*&%$#@”.

  10. “couldn’t get a lace-up McDavid in the shoe”….. exactly what i needed to know!!! as always, super job on the review…. even if i have no interest in buying the shoe your reviews are still a “must” read. glad to see everything went well with the surgery. thanks again & keep going for as long as you can!!!!

  11. nice review duke! welcome back too! i might consider getting these considering the 2014 was my favorite shoe in 2014…these remind of them so much too.

  12. this is a great shoe. anybody who’s light on their feet, loves getting in the lane, eurostepping, jabstepping, stepping back, you will like these, best nike basketball shoe around right now, i’m pretty sure.

  13. Duke, you said that it’s the best usage of zoom units since AJ XX8. If you had the choice between these and the AJ XX8 SE today, would you choose them over the latter considering cushioning and traction mainly?

  14. Overall, the XX8 is a better shoe, hands down. If you consider price, actual release retail, I would go Rev. Durability? We all know what happened on the XX8 Zoom bags.

    1. Thanks for the quick response Duke! Yeah, the zoom bags is my only concern with the XX8 SE, but I’ve been wanting to enjoy some good unlocked zoom in the forefoot and heel for a while now…probably that Nike wouldn’t cover the popping anymore since it’s been a few years now that it’s been released…

  15. Thanks for the review and welcome back!

    Absolutely love these shoes. It’s been a while since I’ve felt like I’m getting good value for a pair of non-sig Nikes. Brings me back to my hay days when I played in my Air Jet Flights – although I feel 15 steps/years slower these days.

  16. Is this shoe good for flat footed players? I’ve had lots of problems with many other shoes like the Kobe 9 EM and the Hyperchase. It brought a discomfort from my inner arch and it hurt the muscle while i was playing. Will this shoe do that to me or will it be just fine??

  17. These could’ve been the perfect shoe for me if the straps stayed on their place. They got rid off the straps with the ClearOuts but now the heel zoom is gone.


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