Nike Zoom Hyperquickness – First Look

This upcoming basketball season, Nike Basketball will release the Nike Zoom Hyperquickness and today we showcase the TB (Team Bank) colorways.

Sharing the same midsole and outsole as the Zoom Hyperdisruptor which means the traction will be the same. Cushion has been reduced to forefoot only, I don’t know what style Zoom unit is up front but I’m hoping it’s a traditional style forefoot unit and not the KD V style. At the midfoot there is a support wing – just like the LeBron 9 – for superior lockdown along with the Fuse upper.

Take a look at more upcoming colorways after the jump and let me know what you think.














  1. What the… Another hyper- shoe? I won’t be surprised if there’ll be a Hyper Bench Warmer!

  2. Why does Nike do this then complain about how signatures aren’t selling as well as they used to? They over saturate the market with all of these shoes instead of focusing on the improvement of a few. Hyperfuse, Hyperdunk, Hyperchaos, Hyperdisruptor, Hyperquickness, … WTH?! And those are just the ones that come to mind. I think DicksSportingGoods has another low end model too that I saw…Oh yeah, the Hyperguard. Then they have even lower end models like the Air Max Fullcourt and Overplay. Nike must have money to burn.

    1. what if mike is trying to boost their higher end models by making a bunch that suck so that people will be forced to buy the more expensive one. kinda stupid cause then people will just by adias or jordan…

  3. lol! Exactly. So they need to focus on a few mid range models, a few lower end (like they currently have), and a few signatures. I mean, it just seems like smart business. I don’t get it but oh well.

  4. Remember everyone the next time you complain about all adidas shoes looking the same… NIKE DOES THE EXACT SAME THING

  5. the “support wing” doesnt look like it will pull your foot into the heel like the lebro 9 did

  6. Just don’t get why Nike would want to make something thats way worse than what’s out there in the market already, I mean Hyperfuse will do the same, if not a better job, of…just about anything. Unless the targeted buyers are extremely poor people who can’t afford normal basketball shoes (Nike wasn’t created for such purposes anyways) and the price is like 50 dollars…

  7. Why are people hating on these? Nike has sold a ton of each hyper model so, why should they stop making more? Half of these people commenting on how there to many of these shoes are probably going to buy these or another hyper model.

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