Nike Spent A Lot of Money to Provide a Shoe that Fits this FSU Center

How much does it cost to provide FSU’s 7’1 center Michael Ojo with shoes that fit his size 22 7E foot?

Apparently, it costs $15,000. Not only is that an insane amount of money to provide “one” player with sneakers that fit his unique foot size and shape, but Nike went to great lengths to provide Michael Ojo with shoes that fit.

According to sideline reporter Evan Washburn, Nike has a special machine that has one sole purpose: make shoes that fit Michael Ojo. This machine is located in Vietnam and is valued at $15,000, which is a huge investment for a player that doesn’t even have an scouting report.

Ojo wears a size 22 7E shoe which is similar to Shaquille O’Neal’s size 22 foot, but trumps Yao Ming’s size 18 and LeBron James’ size 15 foot. Apparently, before Nike catered to Ojo’s unique situation, he had to squeeze into a size 17 shoe which sounds extremely painful.

Even though this is an expensive investment, good on Nike for finally giving Ojo shoes that fit his unique foot — and planning for when Bigfoot finally signs with an NBA team and needs the proper footwear.



  1. I’m sure they spent more on other PR campaigns, but good looking out to help a guy play in the first place. Giant size.

  2. 22 7E
    and he’s able to squeeze into 17 D?
    It’s physically impossible. Human bones are not made of sponge.

  3. This is stupid. They knew that he and Shaq wore the same size shoe, so what machine were those made upon? Reebok just re released Shaq’s joints even in his own size. Nike is full of shit on this one.

    1. I wouldn’t quite call them out on this, or at least with this example because Nike didn’t work with Shaq. Size 22 isn’t all that common. Nike probably doesn’t even have a sponsored player at that size. Quick look on the interwebs as far as their pro athletes go, I’m seeing that Cousins is supposedly a Size 16. It’s not too ridiculous to think they skimped on making regular production lines for bigger sizes than 20 (as offered for some of their shoes).

      In the grand scheme of things, producing size 21 and 22’s on the regular likely cost more than making one pair….and of course they’d have less of an opportunity to get some spotlight like this.

      1. I can call nIke out on this, because the shoe from Nike in that size already exists. Check out Dependable Jay’s awesome shoe collection, and he has several Nike and Jordan Player exclusives that were made for Shaq. The story is that Shaq made his agreement with Reebok before he went to see Nike and Phil Knight, then showed up at the Nike campus dressed from head to toe in Reebok garb. Several shoes for Shaq under Nike had been made for the presentation, so yeah. Nike is full of it on this one.

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