The Nike PG1 is Unveiled in a New Color – Sorry, PE Only

Every colorway of the Nike PG1, every single one, has looked great. This is a shoe that takes colors well and there should be no holding back on the releases — put them all out. Seriously, it’s nice.

Well, here we have the first white-based colorway that…wait, this is a PE? Only for Paul George? C’mon Nike!! There should be no lack of colorways for the PG1 because the performance and looks, without even counting the reasonable price tag, all scream hit. This is a baller’s shoe, so let the players have them!!

Enjoy the photos here because this is as close as most of us will get to this colorway.

nike pg1 PE no name 2

nike pg1 PE no name

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Source: Nike



  1. I’ve asked this before: What is the point of a PE for a signature line? If Paul George/Lebron/Kyrie/etc. wears it, the people should be able to buy it. What kind of dumb marketing is that?

  2. Call it a player exclusive to create more hype, make it available to the public after some time as a limited release, and price it significantly higher than retail. Up the demand, control the supply, and turn in a bigger profit. This general technique is foolproof; just consider the success of Jordan retros, particularly the AJ XI. Think a release will be the last time you can purchase the AJ XI in a particular colorway? Nope. I’m sure Nike has a predictive analytics arm to inform the business decision makers when is the prime time to re-release a “rare” AJ XI colorway so that the company makes maximum profit. Pretty smart if you ask me …

    1. for the most part, it works but there are times it doesn’t. there are just certain shoes and colorways that appeals the mass market and there are certain shoes that end up on the outlet shelves or sit out for the longest time on store shelves. if I would give my opinion, JB/Nike would put lots of garbage out there for sale and keep just a few good ones for sale which for me is a waste of resources. I don’t completely believe that they have to do that just to keep the demand up forever. for example the AJ XI Concord Mids. JB made them like they were these rare magical unicorns that only appear once in a blue moon. case in point, regardless of how much JB put them in circulation, the demand for these would forever be there and people would keep buying them for use rather than collect and keep them for storage. JB doesn’t profit from this but more likely create an exclusive market for collectors. I get the point that JB is doing this to make the JB name a highend sort of product or keep relevance. the question is, do they need to? unless JB makes some highend shoes and struggling with the sales, then it is warranted. but since JB does not, it is pointless then.

  3. Agreed, but it is pretty frustrating as a customer. When i was watching Pacers vs Pistons yesterday I think I spotted George rockin these. Love the yellow and black splattered midsole

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