The Nike PG1 Makes its Long-Awaited Debut

Wow, what a transformation. This is why we at WearTesters never go all in on a shoe before the official images. Today, we got a real look at the PG1, the 21st signature line for the brand.

When the first images surfaced (seen here), we saw a very basic, lower-tier shoe in black and white. Not a bad looking shoe, but not really a signature look. Today, thanks to @heidiburgett, we get a true look at Paul George’s PG1, and it is promising.

The upper has a Trainer Endor look to it, as far as shape, covered in, well, faux fish scales. If you have followed @Yg_Trece at all on Twitter and Instagram, you know he loves to fish in his spare time, so we have a story.

The best thing seen in these images is the Zoom unit in the forefoot. The rectangle doesn’t make an appearance — instead, we get the full forefoot oval unit that has worked great in shoes like the Hyperrev 2016. We also get a shot of the scaled traction that has serious similarities to the Kobe line (the translucent nub look).

This colorway is a nod to his love of NBA2K17, and since he is on the cover, it makes sense to honor Paul with a colorway.

Still no firm date for retail release, but the suggested price of $110 makes this a definite choice for players looking for a “bang for your buck” model.

nike pg1

We also get PG staring back at us on the sockliner with the creepiest Undertaker stare EVER. Seriously, look at that.

nike pg1 insole

Inside, we can see the upper is a sleeve design surrounded on the lateral side by the scaled upper. The medial side has a mesh midfoot panel supported by a scaled wing coming from the heel counter, and we can see the strap tying into the Flywire.

nike pg1 heel

A quick look at his logo and the rubber texture on the forefoot strap, and the shoe is complete. Let us know what you think about the PG1 in the comments below.

nikepg1 laces


Source: Heidi Burgett



    1. Me too.. I’m liking this more and more. Ive came to this article like 5+ times lol. I’m poor right now with all the great sneakers in 2016 (mostly adidas and clearance Nike/Jordan). Now going to be even poorer with upcoming sneakers like these and the Lebron 14 (might get lucky and cop a nice CW on clearance like I did with the LBJ13 “Command Force”). I would like to see more CW though but smart marketing would not show their CW in advance.

      I am interested in the shape of the outsole. I have not played in the Jordan 31 but IIRC, Chris was saying it was a bit unstable due to the Zoom Air protruding at the bottom. So wondering how stability will be as the heel of the PG1 looks to be of a rounded pod. The forefoot has the runner’s shape with the toe pointing up.

      Also since there is no heel Air I am curious to see if that shaped heel pod will provide better cushion/impact protection vs regular shaped Phylon.

      And the size of the forefoot Zoom for a “budget” signature is great and thank God it is not articulated ala Jordan Brand (CP3, .Fly).

  1. Great looking shoe. I’ll be interested to see if the strap connected to flywire does more than laces through flywire…

  2. Finally my favorite baller gets his signature!!!!!!! I’m so excited and also because how clean they look. These fit his personality .

  3. hoping that THAT’s the actual zoom unit, and not Kobe AD’d zoom where what we “see” isn’t what we get.

    1. These look nothing like the J Crossover 2… The only possible similarity is the scale pattern and even that looks nothing alike

      1. Actually the PG1’s upper on the medial side looks similar to the JC2 lateral side.. but hey a Bridgstone tire looks similar to a Michelin tire too..

  4. The shoes look really nice. I’m just wondering why they put PG’s mug there. Does it mean that if you buy Paul George’s shoe you get to step on his face?

  5. These are amazing, easily the best looking sig out right now. I think I’m gonna really like where his sig line is headed in the future. I hope this colorway releases… The lace lock seems like a “premium” feature, which makes me think this is probably an all star colorway with maybe a little price bump, so I’m guessing they’ll probably release around then

  6. I think these look great, but it’s all going to come down to how Nike did us with the cushion. They could put themselves right back in the conversation with the good bang for your buck shoes if the zoom is held in a nice squishy phylon carrier. I’ll tell you what though, this doesn’t look like a typical Nike budget shoe. If I saw these without the price tag I’d guess $140 at least from the swoosh. We’ll have to wait and see so I personally can’t wait.

  7. I like the shoe but i feel like a couple more guys deserve a shoe before him. He isnt having a great season this year. But $110 is a dope price i forsee a great nike all star cw collection this year.

    1. I agree/ I don’t think he’s the most marketable player out there for Nike, granted I think the shoe looks awesome and it it for a good price which will help a lot, but I’m not sure how many people will be wanting a Paul George shoe

    2. i don’t know, the pacers have won 5 in a row with him shooting .500 and .423 from behind the arc in those 5 games, his FG percentage is also higher than it has ever been, maybe he isn’t getting a lot of press and his team is probably the furthest thing from being a big market team, there will also be the odd (but rare) game where he goes missing entirely, but the guy did come back from a horrific, potentially career-ending injury and is still an all star stud who has obviously worked hard as hell these last two summers to improve his stroke and his offensive repertoire…..maybe he didn’t evolve to become the top 5, two-way destroyer that everyone expected him to be, but he still has the whole second half of the season to show out

      (big PG fan, this shoe seems to show that nike are finally concerned about the competition)

        1. Raptors beat the Pacers in 7.. it was the Pacer’s coach who made them lose I think game 5, where Pacers had the lead and he benched both George then Rodney Stuckey made bad plays and misses for the Raptors to take the game. But yeah Paul George almost beat the Raptors alone.

        2. Maybe he was supposed to get a signature 2 years ago and then that injury so maybe Nike wanted to see if he can recover from that injury. So IMO he definitely deserves a signatures. The dude snapped his leg on live national tv and recovered and now paying like his old elite-self.

          Giannis is marketable. Isiah Thomas too but they already have Kyrie with a PG shoe. Derozan also deserves a signature but he is basically the man for the Kobe line. But I am sure Isiah also plays in the Kobe line.

          Speaking of Derozan and Kobe line, Derozan has been playing in non-Kobe AD as of late. And if Derozan signed with Lakers instead of Toronto it was almost a guarantee that he would have gotten a signature with his MVP-like season. But Derozan is loyal to Toronto and CREAM.

  8. The forefoot zoom unit looks like the one utilized for the Kobe Venomenon 5 and those were underwhelming, to say the least. I do like the look of the shoe, but that PG insole is kinda scary looking… lol.

    1. Looks a little bigger of a pod though and it should be fine as long as it’s not bottom loaded like the venomen 5s. The pod does look very similar though

  9. Love the design -Really impressed.. now time to wait for you guys to check if the traction, cushioning & support makes the cut..

  10. That bobber lace lock is so corny. I get story telling but that is too much. So are we going to see a fishing theme in the evolution of this signature line?!

    Kobe saw such models as the “Milk Snake” and “Pit Viper”.

    Paul George will have models like the “Blue Gill” and “Northern Pike”. I can’t wait!!

    1. It’ll be a hit for outdoors men out in Montana and the Dakotas!!!!! Just think of the untapped potential in that demographic. Straight cash homie

  11. Good looking shoe. I’m not a fan of straps on my basketball shoes, but I’m intrigued by the strap on this shoe. Looking forward to more colorways (can we please get a mostly yellow pair like the hyperlive) and the upcoming performance reviews…

  12. Lol is the insole really going to have PG photo? That’s so funny especially when he is posing like a troll. I’m going to have to buy the shoe just for that as I don’t think Ive bought any shoe that has a photo of a player on the insole..I think Reebok Answer 3 did in BW. Can’t wait to see more CW and hopefully all CW will be translucent outsole. For off-court I want to see how can wear it without the strap laced which is not a big deal as my KD7 had similar strap.

  13. I really hope Paul George stays with Indiana for life. I always want the small-market teams to compete and win but PG13 is elite and I think he abe one of the next to form a superteam. Be nice if he went to Milwaukee as Milwaukee can give up Middleton and Henson or Thon Maker.

  14. Seems like this colorway may be a nba2k exclusive like they did with the Lebron 10 couple years back. Hope not these are fire.

  15. Nothing special. I still don’t understand how other brands can give us fantastic full length cushion and great materials while Nike keeps putting out the same old trash. STEP IT UP.

    1. Agreed! Nike seems to think that ALL Basketball players are like Westbrook, that is they ONLY use the forefoot on footstrike.

    2. Agreed, though I will say that Nike has mastered fit/lockdown moreso than other brands and they are more consistent in that regard from my experience. I have yet to play in an Adidas model that didn’t either have too much deadspace above my toes or some heel slippage. But Adidas has definitely been killing Nike with the cushioning and better materials for less price.

      1. I agree with your comments on Adidas. I love boost, but the fit Adidas offers is not great. The best combination of fit, materials, and cushion that I have found in 2016 has been the Brandblack Rare Metal.

  16. As long as Nike doesn’t put some rock hard Phylon along the rest of the cushioning set up I’m good. Looks great.

  17. I do not understand. All of this talk of how expensive zoom air is, and then a bunch of complaining about how it is underutilized in retro’s and in supposed higher end shoes such as Kyrie’s joint, and now Nike places a zoom unit in the forefoot of a shoe of some guy that does not deserve a sig shoe in the first place for a buck ten, and people are intrigued? People need to be insulted, because this proves that Nike’s pricing is complete bullshit. To me this shoe looks like and update to the Zoom Drive, the shoe that Nike forced Steve Nash to stop wearing.

  18. The zoom in the new rev 2017 feels really thick and plush, although the heel felt bit stiff still. If the pg1 is anywhere close to the revs or even better then it’ll be a sure cop

  19. 1. I’m calling it: the big zoom is a facade a la Kobe AD.
    2. Can anyone name the other 20?
    3. S/o to non-slip work shoes for having the OG nub traction.

    1. 1. Michael Jordan
      2. David Robinson (Nike Air Command Force)
      3. Charles Barkley
      4. Penny Hardaway
      5. Scottie Pippen
      6. Gary Payton
      7. Jason Kidd-zoom flight5
      8. Chris Webber
      9. Kevin Garnett-air garnett
      10. Tim Duncan-max duncan
      11. Dennis Rodman=air worm
      12. Vince Carter
      13. LeBron James
      14. Kobe Bryant
      15. Paul Pierce=p2(square)
      16. Amare Stoudemire= nike stat
      17. Steve Nash (Nike Zoom MVP)
      18. Kevin Durant
      19. Kyrie Irving
      20. Alonzo Mourning= air alonzo
      21. Tim Hardaway= zoom tbug

      Should not include the admiral since he didnt have shoes with his name. Only pes or associated lines i.e force etc.

      List is from NT threads.

      1. That’s impressive. I would’ve thought that Nike would’ve had a longer list of signature shoes for NBA players, especially in the 90s.

  20. Dang look like fire 👀👀👀🔥🔥🔥
    Hopefully that zoom pod performs well. Paul George seems like the kind of player that needs more explosive cushioning, so let’s hope the phylon isn’t rock hard. My other concern is the traction. Grooves don’t look that deep and it’s translucent, so could be an issue or could work out just fine. I was hoping Nike would use an aggressive herringbone pattern with a solid outsole like the hyperrev 2016 and the kyrie3, instead of the “micro grooves” like on the kobes. Anyway, could be fine. Seems like Nike decides that certain players don’t need really good traction and only some do, like kyrie, instead of simply putting crazy traction on ALL models. I get that NBA players play on a clean pristine court every day, but they need to focus maybe on the consumer a little more. If only I worked there… Anyway looks dope in this color way and could be pretty dang good. Thanks for the article!!

  21. It looks like a much better lowtop than the Kobe AD, with better cushion, and a much better price. Everything seems good, except that translucent outsole. I just don’t trust Nike’s translucent; sometimes it works, sometimes it fails miserably.

  22. Am I the only one tripping at how all the edges seem to lift, with the surface contact points mainly being the center? Hope that compresses into a more floor-hugging profile under the wearer’s weight.

    Otherwise this is a super girly-looking shoe. Pink Zoom bag, My Little Pony holographic Swoosh, lil Mermaid fish scales, Princes Elsa frozen outsole, pretty little bow knot to finish the look — yet completely disrupted by that rendered mug of PG on the inside.

  23. they look tremendous. the question is, is the tech legit or another sham like most Nike shoes these days?

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