The Nike LeBron 14 is Officially Unveiled

It’s Christmas Day and Nike just officially unveiled the shoes LeBron James will be wearing against the Golden State Warriors: the Nike LeBron 14.

The tech specs of the shoe include:

  • Maximum volume Zoom Air units for the most articulated response in a LeBron shoe

  • Dual-zone composite upper that utilizes engineered laser perforation, which fits closely to the foot for an initiative fit and sleek aesthetic

  • Dynamic midfoot strap, utilizing auxetic shapes for a natural stretch that helps lock the foot into place

The LeBron 14 definitely looks big-man friendly. Materials are what we’ve been seeing with the Nike LeBron 13 Low and Zoom Soldier 10 — something I personally enjoyed about each sneaker. Straps have made it back onto the LeBron signature line which is something we haven’t seen since the Nike LeBron 5. I don’t think anyone will be complaining about the cushion with this year’s model — or, at least they won’t be complaining that there isn’t enough or that they can’t feel it.

Now is the time to sound off in the comment section on your first thoughts of the Nike LeBron 14. This colorway isn’t the best representation of the shoe, but it doesn’t look bad from a performance perspective. Although, that traction. Yikes. Of course, we’ll see what’s what when we get the sneaker in-hand.

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    1. I imagine there is a pod in the arch area to aid in heel to forefoot transition so your step isn’t as segmented

  1. Hmmm. Max-volume Zoom Air bags. Sounds like Nike will sell these for 220-250 price range. Y’know how they price their tech specs and signature line.

  2. I actually like these. This looks like the Duncan colorway and the cushion setup looks impressive for bigger players.

  3. They just had to keep a Velcro strap on this I guess…I hope it actually helps with lock down!

    The “flex grooves” seem to be located right…plus the articulated forefoot (like in the KD9) should be a great addition to the shoe.

    …the “HexPods” provided good traction with the XIII so I can imagine they will continue to do so with this shoe.

    …now when can I buy them?

  4. From a big dude, these look dope. I just hope the traction works out. I’ve been playing in 29’s so to switch to a shoe with below average traction will suck, but these are a must cop.

  5. They look alright, looks like a one-piece inner booty which is great. Upper materials look like those cheap models so I’m curious to hear about what it actually is and how it feels. Also that outsole colour makes it seem like they didn’t even bother to put any grip pattern on there.

  6. Finally a more practical look for the LeBron line, for a signature-though, these are very much like a re-imagined KD9, so very little signature to them.

    Also, for bigger guys, with the GR downgrades bound to happen, that sole better be wide enough or they’re going to struggle with stability badly.

  7. So there’s no zoom unit in the toe pod, but there’s one in the arch area? Weird. They should move that arch zoom bag to the toe and replace it with a shank.

    1. They probably thought a bag/pod at the toe would make it less stable, and there’s likely an internal shank. Zoom at the arch is a weird one, though. I guess he lands pretty flat when he jumps.

    2. I imagine there is a pod in the arch area to aid in heel to forefoot transition so your step isn’t as segmented

  8. The price will make or break these. Too many similar product offerings from Nike. For comparison: upper bootie construction, same materials as Soldier 10. Shape of upper, similar to KD9 but KD9 has flyknit. Cushion max volume hex zoom, same as Lebron 12 and 13. Yet in contrast, KD9 has full-length max zoom. KD9 is $150 USD, and you can find some colorways for cheaper. Unless you’re a Lebron fan, why would you want to spend $X-amount more on the 14’s?

    1. I agree for the most part but the catch will likely be that these are a better option for those whose feet couldn’t fit in the KD9. Mine did and they are a great shoe but I know that a lot of ppl complained about not being able to wear them.

  9. I don’t think this was supposed to be the Lebron 14. Looks like a PE version of the KD9 similar to the way Jordan Brand took the XXX1 upper with XXX outsole for Westbrook. My hunch is Lebron didnt like the original design and Nike had to create something in time for the holiday season. Sadly we will never get to know the real story since Nike keeps Jason Petrie locked away after he made the ill advised comments about D Rose. Who knows maybe Jason Petrie was fired. The way this shoe looks Leo Chang might be the one in charge of Lebron’s designs now.

  10. They did away with any ultraposite or foamposite components, right? They added weight and created an extremely annoying, hard point on the lateral side of both the 12 and 13 that made them unwearable for me. If so I am excited about these. I am not nuts about the Hex Zoom but in some models it has felt great (e.g. Hypercross and CJ81 Trainer 3) so hopefully they keep improving the hoops version of it.

    These have potential, looked pretty good on court today.

  11. It’s so hard to Guatemala initial looks when they’re like this. I can’t even really focus. Lol! This is so busy. It is intriguing based on what they have though.

  12. Looks like a bulky boot with aggressive zoom units and an inspired Presto Acronym tape look at the forefoot. Don’t like that they don’t use any of their innovative tech on their upper for their most expensive signature line like flyknit, but instead just a mesh like the soldier 10 that doesn’t breathe or stretch much. If it’s like the soldier 10, the strap won’t do too much.

  13. I’m intrigued by the articulated sole- its basically a Feet You Wear. The flexibility should be really nice. This is also probably the most cushion we’ve ever seen on an articulated shoe- flexible shoes always seem to sacrifice cushion, but not on these. I also appreciate the lack of posite pieces to restrict the upper.

    That being said, its pretty ugly. That orange stripe thing kills it. It seems, dare I say, Curry 2-inspired.

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