Nike Kyrie 2 ‘Father’s Day’ Option Just Hit NikeiD

Father’s Day is approaching in a couple of weeks and Nike has decided to start rolling out the festivities with the NikeiD option for the Nike Kyrie 2. Take a look below at the Nike Kyrie 2 ‘Father’s Day’ NikeiD option.

The Nike Kyrie 2 ‘Father’s Day’ option gives a subtle new feature to the NikeiD process with a new design being added to the strap and inner lining of the Nike Kyrie 2. The strap features a paisley-like print along the strap and inner lining. Seven different color options are available for the new ‘Father’s Day’ option, along with the previous options that were available including the ‘Ky-rispy’ option that has received quite the promotion recently.

Create your pair of the Nike Kyrie 2 ‘Father’s Day’ NikeiD option HERE. The Nike Kyrie 2 ‘Father’s Day’ NikeiD will cost you $165. Be sure to create a pair for your pops soon though, as NikeiDs typically take a few weeks to make, and Father’s Day is on Sunday, June 19.

Nike Kyrie 2 'Father's Day' Option Just Hit NikeiD

Nike Kyrie 2 'Father's Day' Option Just Hit NikeiD-2-3

Nike Kyrie 2 'Father's Day' Option Just Hit NikeiD-2

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  1. I get that it’s just in a commemorative context, but lmao yeah this is like the worst shoe for dads. There’s someone out there right now being literal with this idea. They’re eventually run their dad into the ground after a few grocery errands with this as a gift

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