Nike Kobe XI (11) Detailed Look and Review

The Nike Kobe 11 is finally here!

We’ve been waiting for a while, and dealt with the leaked images. But, it’s finally time to enjoy the actual Kobe 11. If you wanted a detailed look, a quick breakdown on their tech specs, along with my initial thoughts then this is the video for you. Check the video below, and stay tuned as we’ll get our performance review up as soon as humanly possible.



    1. You get to customize the hell out of these…truly make them your own. What a great way to end his last shoe he’ll wear on the court. And full length zoom…hallejuah!

      BTW, how long does it take you to review a shoe? A week?

    2. The “soldier’s helmet” on the other heal is the helmet of Achilles, the Greek mythological character who was shot in the achilles in the Trojan war. He was invincible other than having one vulnerable part on his body; his achilles. FYI.

  1. “its kinda like protection, know what im sayin” am i the only one who caught that? haha. nice review, fishing wire, great comparison

  2. Great work as always, Nightwing.

    Does the LeBron 11 inserts fit into these? The Kobe 11s inserts seem to ALMOST have the same thickness as the LeBrons and you mentioned they had a Full Length Zoom option.

    Just wanted to know, since the Mentalities and the Hyperchases couldn’t accommodate (in terms of fit)the thicker insert.


  3. I saw them in person today. The upper looks and feels like what we have been waiting for from flknit for basketball The traction is shallow and suspect. The outer edges are almost bare and feel slick to the touch.

  4. Nightwing can’t resist his love for Kobe. :p

    The fishing line inclusion is an interesting one. Makes some sense, and would be interested in how that pans out. Also, any chance you’re gonna exploit the cushion options in the form of a follow-up down the road? I’m very curious about how the full length Zoom plays.

    Hopefully Nike actually sells the drop-in midsoles separately. Being Nike, I don’t expect it, but it’d be nice.

  5. Anyone see the Jordan 30 leak? guess they couldn’t do better than the 29 so they just threw a XXX on the heel. Seems like a waste to me and kinda confirms what I’d been told about Jordan brand not making money on new models.

    1. The tooling looks the same and also the upper. Only the silhouette changed. I just hope that it somehow feels better than the 29 and that they can be rocked off court

    2. It was the right move, the 29 is the best shoe out there. The only way to improve it would be to strengthen the toe area and heel which is what exactly Jordan brand did. Dont be brainwashed into shoes needing drastic changes every year. This is the mentality that gave us the Lebron 11, perhaps the worst Lebron release after the Lebron 10 which was thier best selling model.

      1. Jordans have almost always been THE shoe to bring tech advancements and make them not only look amazing but play the absolute best. In my opinion the 29 wasn’t the shoe for the masses and to basically remake them and call them the 30 is an absolute waste of a pretty significant milestone. The leaked photos looked nothing more then a 29.5 at best.

        1. The Jordan signature shoe hasnt been for the masses in quite some time. Jordan Brand knows the masses are satisfied with the retros. Jordan could release the 29 for 5 more years and still be ahead of the pack. Im sad to say but you have been brainwashed by shoe companies who are forced to update shoes annually. Get over the gimmicks and be happy Jordan is sticking with making the best shoe.

          1. By the time the 30 comes out the 29 will have been two years old. How exactly is two year old tech ahead of the curve? Honestly its like jb couldn’t come up with anything better and are probably charging more for the trouble. From a performance standpoint why pay top dollar for the same thing Icould get on sale for less than a hundred?

          2. Its ahread of the curve because people would rather pay $200 for some retros. Just be happy that they are sticking with this tech. You sound like you would be happier if they put zoom pods under the shoe which is a gimmicl

          3. All I’m saying is that for the past six or seven models the next has surpassed the previous in not only design but function. This is a thirtieth anniversary and instead of blowing your mind your basically getting a 2 year old shoe. Its almost a retro to a degree. I’m just disappointed that after all this time THIS is all they have to offer.

        1. They needed to come fresh and original. Something like what the 23 was. Innovative beautiful and one of my personal top 5 most comfortable jordans to date. Insteadwe get a 29 with some Xs on them…the midsole is the 29 no different. Solecollector has an article with details.

          1. When the 23 was released they werent exactly flying off the shelves and the profit margin was very low.

      2. There worst release ? The Lebron 11 was amazing and 10 times better then the 10. You have no clue what you’re talking about.

        1. The 11s were too narrow and hurt my feet. Im sure Lebron would agree, its well documented that he never wore the 11s and switched back to the 10.

    1. I hated my Lebron 11s coz they were so uncomfortable, painful and stiff during my shooting sessions until I wore them for an actual league game. The posite material and lunarlon inserts formed to my foot so well and negated any weight issues of the shoe. After break in I liked them more than any of my Kobes or even my Columbia blue Jordan 11s from the 90s.

  6. Gutted that there won’t be a high version of these according to jacques slade. A mid version would go down great if that comes out (unlikely).

  7. I really wanted the Kobe XI but I bought Lebron soldier 9 instead… I might regret my choice.. :/

  8. @Nightwing2303

    Chris the warrior on the back is Achilles the ancient Greek mythology warrior whose only week spot was his achilles tendon (Yeap it’s from him).
    It was his only week spot cause that’s from where his mother was holding him as a baby when she dipped him in some powerful water to make him invincible.

    You already know I’m Greek lol, I guess you learned something.

  9. can’t wait to read your review on the traction. I’ve only had the 4’s and 6’s, the traction on my 6’s are just about done so I’m in the market for new kicks. Was debating on getting a used pair of 4s or 8s if these don’t end up being as great performance wise as previous Kobe’s so I’d love to hear your input on what I should get.

  10. LMAO! That vid was the BEST! Talk about “tongue in cheek”! LOLOLOLOLOL!

    I do not expect much from this shoe, as Nike could never justify a two hundred dollar price tag for a shoe like this, never. The 245 and up tag for the ID version is just as hilarious!

    1. I have to agree. I don’t see a $200 shoe here. I see a nice shoe that aesthetically is fine. And $245 just to be able to customize the cushion is pretty laughable. If I could get this for $150, $160 tops I’d give it a go though.

  11. Hey, man! I have the Kobe 9 EM size 8.5 and fits a little tight on me. Do you think that it’s better if I go withe the Kobe XI size 9? It’s the same shape from the Kobe 9 or it’s bigger? Thanks!

  12. Kobe slipped and injured his finger in these last night!
    When someone slips on an nba floor in these, you know the traction is trash.

  13. Hi Nightwing,

    I’m about to iD a pair of Kobe XI and I am not sure either to go with the Elites or the EMs…also thinking about the full zoom option. Leaving aside the cost, which would be your choice performance wise?

    Thanks a lot!

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