Nike Kobe 9 Elite ‘Perspective’ – Detailed Look

The most vibrant of the known Nike Kobe 9 Elite colorways, the Perspective looks to hit retailers on Saturday, March 8th.

I like the colorway overall but I do think that these would have been a cooler look had they been a mid or low. Although, that isn’t saying too much since we really don’t know what Nike has up their sleeves when it comes to the colorways on the next installment of the Kobe 9’s… and by that I mean the lower cut versions.

Check out the detailed look at the upcoming colorway and let me know where you’d rank the known Kobe 9 Elite colorways from favorite to lease favorite.

Nike Kobe 9 Elite 'Perspective' - Detailed Look  1

Nike Kobe 9 Elite 'Perspective' - Detailed Look  2

Nike Kobe 9 Elite 'Perspective' - Detailed Look  3

Nike Kobe 9 Elite 'Perspective' - Detailed Look  4

Nike Kobe 9 Elite 'Perspective' - Detailed Look  5

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        1. Resellers play right out of Nike’s low supply high demand pocket. I can’t stand it. I will miss out on shoe before I waste on a reseller. I had to give a YouTuber a piece of my mind about his motive. He is on camera raving about how hot and limited the Kobe Maestros are in his area and then he says that he does not like them. Something along the lines that they are too ugly for him, but still a work of art. He said he was going to try to trade for some Jordans. Those Kobes are sitting in his closet right now instead of on some baller’s feet like NW who keeps taking “L’s” on getting them for their purpose.

      1. I don’t like how the colors look on the toe box of the Masterpiece. The ASG color is ok though. Just my opinion

      2. Both of those amazed me as they go with anything color shorts and Elite socks. I’m currently on the hunt for some of those unique Nike NOLA Gumbo Elite socks for my Devotions(I really like calling them Maestros).

        I saw one of the guys on West in the Celebrity Allstar Game rocking the Perspectives. I was not impressed. Good luck with the volt & turquoise match ups.

        Oh the glow in dark outsole on the Maestros worked after all. They look interesting, but too bad they won’t see the streets anytime soon. Hardwood only round here.

  1. My fave colorway is the exclusive New York release, the volts on white

    Then these, cause these are pretty bold and unique

    Not that I’m gonna get a pair though lol, just too expensive, but I can appreciate the art of these shoes

    Definitely stoked for the lows!

    I wonder if they are gonna keep releasing kobes after he retires… his lows have always been a game changer, basketball performance wise

  2. Just think these are unnecessarily too high. what does that high sock do for performance? i am anxiously waiting for NW’s review.

    1. Yea that’s what I’m wondering to it looks like it serves no purpose in terms of support…. You could clearly injure yourself just as easily in these compared to a low top like the kobe 8

      1. Basically it creates a feedback-loop(proprioception), that has proven to give your brain an opportunity to move more efficiently(between 5-7%), so it does work, and raises your body’s own mechanical efficiency, which limits your injury-risk.

        Injuries happen when you overload a joint, and don’t regain control quickly enough.

        The idea of Structure(or Support) is something that really isn’t present in modern basketball shoes, except for the Dwight Howard shoes(or 90s retro’s with a firmer build), they clearly still maintain a structure, that holds up around the foot, where other shoes are all about flex, and easy transition.

        The interesting thing with injury, is that injury happens in overloads, and in an overload situation Proprioception will help you more, than a structured/supportive shoe, because at some point, the support will roll-over, or flip, creating extra-pressure your feet/ankles.

        1. That was quite tech sheet savvy of you to break down the proprioception collar. I suppose that you’re right too because the best games that I have are often the ones where I don’t have to think about my shoes doing their job.

          Have you played in these yet? They feel like a high collared Kobe 8 in my opinion and I think that it will score similarly. I love them.

          What you said about DH shoes is intriguing. I have yet to ball in the DH4s that I picked up at the Adidas outlet a month ago.

  3. Kobe forced to go with a high top (not hi). Get those lows off the basketball court finally. Flyknit….dont know if I’m a fan.

  4. Is there any way to switch out the lunar for a air zoom insole? Where would you get hold of a air zoom insole any ideals?

    1. I am looking for insoles to purchase as well. Nike doesn’t sell them and can’t find them anywhere. The Lebron XI insole would be great alternative set up for the Kobe 9, especially for bigger players. I will be purchasing these Kobe 9 Elite colorway. I can not wait for the mid or low version, especially with the rumors that they will not incorporate Flyknit.

      1. I actually find the flyknit to be a lot more supportive than engineered mesh because its stiffer and reinforced. The only kobe 8s I can play in comfortably are the elites. The carbon fiber heel and firmer midsole don’t necessarily protect me more but they make the shoe feel a bit more substantial and I play harder.

  5. Here’s how I rank them so far:
    1) Masterpiece
    2) Black/White NRG
    3) Precision
    4) Maestro
    5) Perspective
    6) Inspiration
    7) Detail
    8) Volt NRG
    9) White/Black-Yellow

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