Nike Kobe 9 Elite ‘Inspiration’ – Detailed Look

March 1st will bring the next installment of the Nike Kobe 9 Elite and I’m sure most of us are hoping they are easier to obtain than the last two models.

The Inspiration colorway is a clean look and gives off a Lakers ‘Away’ vibe with the Black and Yellow hits throughout. These release March 1st for $225 at most Nike Basketball retailers.

Check them out and share your thoughts below.

Nike Kobe 9 Elite 'Inspiration' - Detailed Look 1

Nike Kobe 9 Elite 'Inspiration' - Detailed Look 2

Nike Kobe 9 Elite 'Inspiration' - Detailed Look 3

Nike Kobe 9 Elite 'Inspiration' - Detailed Look 4

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  1. These are the ones that Nick Young hooped in for the oncourt debut. He hinted at Nike eventually coming with these on Nike ID. Damn near $300 shoe right there.

  2. These are more orange than yellow NW, imo….theres a real Lakers colorway that Kobe wore when he was interviewed by that blonde chic @the Kobe 9 event, theres alot of pics of him sittin in a chair wearing what i believe is called “Precisions”?…i think that colorway is the everday (most of the time) shoe kobe woulda wore if he was the sulfers 8s?…idk?…theres alot of pics online, thats the colorway im waiting for!…STR8 FIRE!…

    also NW…cmon bro cantchya just dish out $500 bucks for the Kobe ix “Masterpieces” on Ebay, so we can see a review???..PLEASE!?…its only half of a thousand playa!

      1. Yo nightwing there’s all star Kobe 9’s available on the NBA store, they have 8.5 and 9.5 if either of those work.

      2. You won’t have too, I’m sure yours will be in the mail…everyone else will have to grab their ankles and take the D.

  3. can’t believe nike or finishline hasn’t sent you out a pair to review! Honestly, I’m not too excited for these though given they’re the same cushions setup as the 8s.

  4. I hope Pacman wears this in his upcoming bout with t.bradley. this is, after all, was inspired by a boxer’s
    shoe. (accdg. to mamba himself).

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