Nike KD VI ‘OKC Away’

The KD VI was a nice on-court performer and with limited colorways to choose from, maybe the introduction to more colors will help their sales a bit.

Here is a traditional OKC Away colorway that will release in the near future and it makes the shoe look a lot more appealing than the Seat Pleasant colorway.

Take a look and feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Nike KD VI 'OKC Away' 2


Via kicksordie



  1. Are these the ones that are on the Footlocker release calendar for 8/3/13? I’m considering on exchanging my unworn “Seat Pleasants” for these. Actually I didn’t see any type of blue in the description. The next one is black, atomic red, fusion red, and olive green; is there a picture anywhere?

    1. Oh yeah I’ve seen those. I looked at them again closely and there’s just too much going on with them. The fusion red is more like a pink and I’m not feeling that; staying with my SPs. Thanks for the reminder though.

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