Nike Hyperfuse 2012 Lineup – Detailed Images


Detailed shots on three upcoming Nike Hyperfuse 2012 have been made available giving us a good look at what to expect.

In my personal opinion… the Hyperfuse is only popular due to their affordable price because there clearly isn’t much innovation or enhancements between each model. The variations between the original and this latest version are so minor that it makes it hard for me to even want to review the shoe since it’ll perform practically the same as the previous models. Traction is just like the Hyperenforcer, midsole tooling is the same along with cushion setup and you have a tweaked upper that may end up giving you additional support at the collar while offering slightly better ventilation. That – in a nutshell – is how these will play on-court.

If you like purchasing the same shoe over and over again then the latest Hyperfuse will be a perfect on-court option for you. If evolution is more your style, try out the Hyperdunk line which is ever evolving.

If I sound irritated it’s because I am. I will receive hundreds of emails and questions asking if and when I will review the latest Hyperfuse. Personally, reviewing the same shoe over and over again isn’t fun. It’s actually quite boring and repetitive. This is why I enjoy new models along with the projects I start… they give me something new to look forward to each time I step foot on-court and it makes things much more interesting; not knowing what to expect. Not sure if that makes sense to anyone else but that’s my personal thoughts on it.

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  1. Nightwing, in earlier posts, you defended these shoes when someone stated that the traction was the same as the hyperenforcers. You def seem more down on these than a couple of weeks ago..

    1. It was also stated that ‘from what i can see’ meaning in those initial images things were visually different than the final product. Once final images surface i can see what is actually on the shoe and thoughts may change. Same with the first impressions, i see something and let you know how i feel with my initial impression and those thoughts are subject to change.

      Now, from what i can see on the final product, these do in fact feature the same outsole. Am i disappointed?Yes. The initial images literally showed something else so i stand by my initial statement in both situations as MY THOUGHTS are based only on what i can see.

      Im not mad or irritated in case thats what you’re thinking… Ive been told that sharing my thoughts and feelings so freely with people can cause them to think things that arent true. Im only explaining the way i perceive things.

      1. Why would I think you were mad? I was just confused on what I THOUGHT your opinion of a shoe was. I prob visit your site like 10 times a day and read most of the comments. Love the site…my girlfriend thinks I’m addicted to it. Keep up the good work!

  2. These are already in the PH. Seen them in person and I was not impressed. I’m looking forward to the HD 2012 lows!

  3. I tried this on last night. It’s much plushier on the feet compared to the previous 2 versions, but I think it’s plushier only due to the insole on it, other than that, they felt like the previous 2 models.

  4. I’m coming off of a pretty bad ankle injury…think these shoes may be ideal for me. High collar for support, foot sits low due to lack of visible air which means more stability. Grip looks good and they should be pretty lightweight. NW, what do you think?

  5. You’re really not gonna review these? I just got a pair of the USA’s and compared them to a Hyperenforcer in store. The midsole is different but in a subtle way. The traction is very different. The grooves are deeper and have a lot more segments if that makes any sense lol. I personally think these are worth a performance review.

  6. I have to agree with jay2 as to how the shoe is different from the hyperenforcers. I posted in another article that I was very close to buying that shoe, but due to reviews as well as nightwings, i decided not to get them. I did a little research on the newest hyperfuse model and found that the fit has been improved even more so for more players, and that the midsole is modeled different for stability which also uses a softer phylon foam for better cushioning, especially since this hyperfuse has no second rubber outrigger at the heel. Breath ability is improved as well, better than both the previous models. I have both 2010 and 2011 models and they feel very different performance wise. I dont see this shoe as another hyperenforcer, its way too different. A shoe like the fly wade and the fly wade ev, yes I can clearly see how its a copy. But certainly not these. Lastly the traction does indeed look like the hyperenforcers, but it looks different in the pics i’ve seen. Even if the traction was exactly the same, it doesnt mean that the shoe as a whole is a repeat of a previous model. I feel that the 2010 was a goodt start, the 2011 was a great upgrade, and now the 2012 should be even better

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